Golfing Success Story

I get a lot of emails. And it’s amazing what people write to me about. Some are funny. Some are pure hate and there are others who write with passion about their game.

Most of all, golfers are looking for a way to play their best without all of the complication.

Simply, they want a way to get reward for effort. Golf can be hard and sometimes it can feel like one step forwards and then two (or three) steps back.

The magic of the learning process is when the game becomes easier. When you’re able to hit the shots you want. When you feel you are maximizing your potential. And yes, when you shoot lower scores and see that handicap come down.

I received the below email from Rod just before Christmas.

Hi Cameron , just wanted to say thank you for introducing me to Automatic Golf . What an amazing 6 months I have had playing since starting with your program. As you know I started with a handicap of 32 & over the last 6 months my handicap has come down to 18 – way beyond my dreams & goal that I set out at the start. I just wanted to play more consistent golf & enjoy every round, I’m certainly doing that thanks to Automatic Golf

I like this because it’s honest. There’s no BS and it’s real. While it would be amazing to get an email from someone saying they’ve reduced their handicap from 25 to scratch and are now signing up to the PGA Tour, that is not realistic.

And the more I write and coach the thing I am honing in on more and more is enjoyment.

Enjoyment is an easy thing to overlook and many will say, “That’s not for me”. The golf industry, for the most part, has us brainwashed into thinking that enjoyment only comes when we “master” our swing and technique.

I disagree. It’s possible to play for fun now and then watch your game soar:

  • Play with more freedom
  • Hit the ball more powerfully without getting bogged down with instructions
  • Discover more rhythm and flow
  • Develop more inner confidence about your game and ability (I have said for many years you’ll be able to drive to the course and “know” you’ll be able to play well)
  • Build a better game under pressure (instead of falling apart)
  • Gain better technique without thinking about it (I call this Technique Without Technique)
  • Find deeper satisfaction from the game (this is when golf truly becomes the best sport in the world)

While many golfers around the world are fumbling about with their grip, stance or some new swing theory. Automatic Golfers are truly playing golf.

They are stepping up to the tee and hitting the ball in a way that they want. They are hitting the shots that feel good to them.

They are having fun.

And because they are working with their learning system, they are being rewarded with results that mean something to them. They are even surprising themselves with what I like to call, Remarkable Golf.

If your golf in 2020 wasn’t all that you wanted it to be, then I urge you to do something about it. If you keep doing the same thing that you’ve always done then you’ll almost certainly keep getting the same results.

Note: Changing your grip, stance and/or swing is not really doing anything differently. This garbage is just more of the same.

I call my approach a learning methodology (instead of a technical one) and you can learn more about it over here.

By the way, all of my best clients, those that get the most from their game, ask the best questions, provide the most intriguing conversations and send enlightening emails have all been part of this.

I wish you well for 2021 and I hope your golfing dreams come true.

Good golfing,

Cameron Strachan

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