Dear Golfer,

Maybe you can relate to this. It’s a lot like a conversation that I was having with myself not that long ago.

During each game of golf (and before and after), I was talking to myself sort of like this …

“Diary of a frustrated golfer”

March 1 – Had a golf lesson this morning. I was sort of excited on the way there. I was told the coach was a guru and could help me.

I now feel hopeless. He’s completely broken my golf swing down – I now have so many things to work on I don’t know where to start. Where do I start and what should I do?

March 5 – Hit some balls today. Oh my god! What is wrong with me? My swing feels weak and powerless and the ball is going all over the place. I called my new coach but he wasn’t available. The young guy in the pro-shop said to book a lesson and come back in.

March 7 – Today was my first game of golf since the lesson. My mind has been spinning all week. “grip the club correctly”, “get spine angle right”, “weight set into my feet”, “take the club away on plane”, “hold the wrist set”. I’ve also been doing the drills at home so I was feeling confident.

The confident feeling didn’t last long. Warming up was a nightmare. No feel whatsoever and the ball was going all over the place. And it didn’t get much better on the course. My two playing partners made me feel inadequate – they hit the ball longer and straighter and killed me around the greens. The worse thing is that they don’t play that often. I feel sick and I hate this game! How can two social golfers beat the pants off me? I’m better than this and I don’t know what to do about it!

March 20 – Had a little break from the game and I’m feeling better. Been watching it on TV – boy do those pros make the game look easy. I’m having a lesson tomorrow and I can’t wait. Got this sensation and I reckon I’m onto something. I hit the ball really well at the driving range tonight. The best I’ve done in a long time.

March 21 – Lesson today was awful. My swing deserted me and my coach says I’ve gone backwards. My swing looked terrible on video. It certainly hasn’t improved and I’m sick of it. Why is this bloody game so hard??? Is there something wrong with me?

I’ve got some new drills to do and have to practice harder. Going to really dedicate myself to these new golf drills.

April 19 – The last month has been a nightmare. I’ve been doing the drills and working on my game. Every time I feel I make some progress I take 3 steps back. This morning I was hitting the ball great and then completely lost it on the course. My playing partner really annoyed me because he accused me of slow play and not trying. In the end I couldn’t get off the course quickly enough. The last three holes I was trying not to embarrass myself. I reckon I need some new clubs – maybe a new driver would help?

May 2 – I convinced my wife that a $500 driver is a good buy. She’s not happy about it but I think it should suit my game. It’s a closed face driver that should help with my slice. It feels good in my hands and I can’t wait to play. Hopefully the wife will be talking to me by tomorrow.

June 11 – I’m back using my old driver. The new driver was no good – I kept hitting pull hooks and it had no feel. I’ve been back to see the professional and he says I need to practice harder and work on my short game. I feel motivated because he told me today that I should be playing off single figures, that I have more potential than my form suggests. I spent the afternoon chipping and putting and I got some great results. I hope I can take this to the course.

July 3 – I think I’ve turned the corner. Today was the best I’ve played in two years. I read a golf magazine last night and it had this great tip about rotating the forearms through impact. The ball came off like a rocket and dead straight too. I didn’t putt too well but I did manage to outdrive a low marker a few times. Wow, this tip worked a treat! Can’t wait for the club medal on Saturday.

July 6 – This is hopeless. I thought after earlier in the week I’d play well. My game left me again. I’m so sick of this. I play well one day and then badly the next. Why is this game so hard? My playing partners are sick of my complaining and to be honest I’m tired of them trying to help me. I’m really disappointed today – I was confident that I was going to play well and it all turned sour. My swing feels terrible, my clubs feel wrong and I’m lost as to what to do. I feel like quitting and walking away for good.

August 17 – Have been reading a motivation book my wife gave me. I need to keep positive and stay relaxed. It’s hard to do when each shot doesn’t go where it’s meant too. Seriously, is the game of golf impossible? I feel like breaking my clubs. Today was an important round in the club and I’ve had a disaster. Took an 8 down the first after topping my drive (embarrassing) and then three putting. I can’t believe I missed a one-foot putt. After all the damage was done I played better on the last nine. This is nearly as frustrating – the game is teasing me. Why couldn’t I have put two good nines together? I would have loved to be in contention today. I can’t remember the last time I won anything. All I’m doing is wasting money on golf lessons, magazines and my membership. What on earth am I doing wrong?

 August 25 – I’m at the end of the line. I’m completely frustrated and want to give up. I’m fed up with the golf lessons and feel inadequate when the pro compares my swing to Tiger Woods. I’m not Tiger! How can I swing like him? I just don’t get it. These lessons have been a waste of time and money. I’m playing worse now then I was when I wasn’t taking lessons. Going to have a break from teaching for a bit.

September 6 – Saw an old guy at the driving range today. He wasn’t hitting balls but just watching. He was sort of distracting me while I was hitting. I knew he was watching so I was trying hard to impress. I went for the driver and tried to clear the back fence. I duffed it. And after I hit my 5th or 6th bad shot he came over. He had some interesting things to say. He told me the reason I found golf so hard was that I was getting in my own way. He said we perform all motor skills automatically and don’t ever need to think too much about them. He told me that golf was no harder than throwing a ball, riding a bike or driving a car.

It sort of sounded too easy and I told him thanks and went back to hitting balls. Driving home I couldn’t stop thinking about what he said, “golf is no harder than throwing a ball”, “we make the game hard by trying so much”, “the golf swing is only part of the puzzle”, “if you can’t automate your game you will never play well”, “the best players in the world play automatically, despite what their coaches say”.

Before I knew it I was home. I realized that I’d driven across town without thinking about how. Maybe this guy is onto something. I ordered the book he suggested from the Internet.

September 10 – Got the book today. Can’t believe that someone understands the pain of playing badly. It’s like this guy is speaking right to me. He gets it. Best of all he is making sense. It turns out my adult brain is making golf hard for me. Despite trying really hard and wanting to do well, it’s not helping. Like the old man said, golf needs to be performed subconsciously. And here’s the interesting bit. The books talks about good rounds and how it’s hard to remember what you actually did. It’s so true. My best rounds I’m not really thinking about technique or my swing. Sort of like going into the zone. But bad rounds!! I can remember everything  I was trying. But it doesn’t work. This is amazing stuff.

September 13 – reread the book last night and I’m pumped. I feel like a new golfer. This is like a revelation! It’s like a whole new world has been opened up for me. What a relief for someone to show me exactly what I need to do to play better golf. And there’s no swing lessons or confusing technique to think about. This stuff makes learning golf as simple as driving my car or riding a bike. It’s incredible – I’ve had this talent sitting inside me all this time just waiting to be let out. I’ve wasted a few years but I’ve now got a lot of good golf ahead of me.

October 15 – I’ve been following the advice from the book for a month now. What a difference. My handicap has come down and I’m showing signs of consistency. In fact it’s better than that. I have experienced “remarkable” golf. The other day I shot 2 over for nine holes. This is my best score ever and it feels great. I even played solid golf on the back nine to break 80 for the first time ever.

And it’s so easy. Really, I don’t even practice that much and golf is much less tiring. I can now walk off the course with more energy than when I started.

November 1 – What a day! I won my first major event today. It was incredible. I stuck to the strategy in the system and my game held together nicely. The funny thing is I can now see where others are going wrong. It’s not really that funny because I used to do the same thing. Where once I would get nervous and choke, I now remain calm and free. The more pressure I’m under the better I seem to perform. I’ve played three good games in a row. The last hole was a thrill. With the money on the line, I hit the green from 200 metres and two-putted to beat a really good player. The second putt was tricky, but I nailed it in the middle. I was nervous but didn’t let fear set in and my body kept hitting the shots I wanted. I’m so glad, I now have a blueprint on how to play my best golf – stop thinking so much and let my subconscious do what it is designed to do.

My diary

I just read you some of my diary (sort of anyway). What you’ve just read was directly inspired by my story (some details changed slightly) but the meaning is still the same.

Where once I would stuff up and feel like an idiot, I’m now able to play consistently and experience better golf. The game has changed for me. I now look forward to playing and have way more fun.

And the chances are if you’ve been playing golf for any length of time you’ll be able to associate with the story. Golf can be hard. But it’s not impossible when you understand how your learning system works.

The tricky part…

The hard part is accepting that your conscious mind can take a rest. You need him some of the time but not always. And this is tough because it flies in the face of convention and what we think is right. Playing great golf is counter-intuitive. While it seems like the right thing to do, trying hard, taking lots of lessons and working continuously on your swing rarely breeds the results you’re looking for.

So why am I telling you all of this?

Because I’ve just released my Golf Success Blueprint. The footage was taken during my first golf mastery seminar at the famous Yarra Yarra Golf Club in 2011. It was, as far as I know, the first kind of natural learning seminar on golf ever held in the country.

[testimonial1 author=”Andrew Watt, pro Caddy and single digit golfer”]“You guys are spot on. You’re onto something here and it’s good to see. When the pros need to find something before they play, this is the kind of thing they work on. You won’t hear them talk about it – but when they need a spark this is exactly what they do. They are definitely not doing all the stuff you typically hear – like swing changes and all that. This really is a pro secret and maybe the first time it has been exposed and explained so clearly. Well done for bridging the gap.”[/testimonial1]

And I go into great detail about how I was able to break free from the golfing doldrums and start playing golf in a way that is meaningful and fun. Best of all, I showed the participants how they could do the same.  Including,

  • Why traditional lessons are almost certainly holding you back from playing your best golf and what you should be doing instead.
  • How to tap into your natural swing and unleash this better and more powerful game on the world.
  • How to play with more certainty and consistency – in other words, how to remove fear and self-doubt.
  • The steps to mastery that make golf easier and way more fun

And this is just the start of it. Things got really interesting when we went outside to put the theory of the morning session into action.

We got 1.5 hours of ground-breaking footage from the practice fairway and you get to see regular golfers learning and applying the technique. It’s amazing.

[green_tick_1_list width=”100%”]

  • How one guy was able to lose his lifelong slice in a matter of minutes. He hit a powerful and laser like ball after only a few hits
  • How participants learned the “pro-like” way of hitting soft, high and spinning bunker shots. The best part they learned to do this without even going into a bunker.
  • The incredible realisation that the participants had when they could hit career shots time after time.
  • The practice techniques that are not only enjoyable, but actually allow for your to get instant improvement.
  • How to hit the shots you thought would be impossible but are actually quite easy
  • How to stay focused, not matter what the pressure or the situation
  • How to trust your golf swing, even if you think it’s no good
  • The magic of the Hot Seat – each participant was put under the gun and had to hit a drive in front of the entire group. This was brilliant and you’re going to be amazed at the results and what you can take away from it.
  • Plus much more

And you get to see it – happening right before your eyes. You can see the excitement on their faces and the exact process that they followed. You’re so close you can almost taste it.

I was blown away by how good this session turned out to be. It was a horrible, wet, windy and cold day. I was also battling a dose of the flu – and I was certain the day would be a disaster.

But it was magic. This is some of the most powerful golf learning footage I have seen. I dare any golfer to view the content and not get excited and eager to go outside and start golfing.

You may have seen golf videos before but I’m pretty sure you’ve never seen such fascinating and real-life learning before. These videos are an absolute must if you’re looking for a spark to ignite your passion and get your game back on track.

I could go on and on about it, but what’s the point? The footage speaks for itself and words will only make it sound like mumbo jumbo … and it’s not.

Here’s the deal.

The Golf Success Blueprint is the fully edited version of my golf mastery seminar. All the dull and boring bits have been removed – leaving 100% pure content. If you watch the footage and don’t get excited and learn something that will transform your golf then you’re not human. All the content has been placed on a private website where you can watch the content at your own pace. You can dive right in and view it immediately, or take your time. You get lifetime access so you can come back to it time after time.


So here’s my offer to you. I want you to own your personal electronic version of my Golf Success Blueprint. There’s over 2.5 hours of video content, bonus content and supporting documentation.

The Golf Success Blueprint Package

I want you to see why I’m so excited and what all the fuss has been about. If your golf story resembles my story from above then The Golf Success Blueprint is for you.

You get instant access to the online videos and I want you to dive right in. Enter your private details (they’ll be sent once the order has gone through) and view the content. Then you’ll want to go play golf – of this I’m sure. So go play and put the ideas into action.

Here’s the best part. Even if you can remember only one of the strategies you’ll have a memorable round of golf. You may hit your best drive, lower your score by 7 strokes or just have more fun. But something will happen that will get you pumped.

And it can only get better. The strategies presented are so powerful you’ll be on your way to mastering you game. And mastering your game is what’s it’s all about. It’s knowing you’re on the right path and the place where consistency and better scores live.

It’s the stuff that the industry don’t really talk about but I’m giving it to you in full.

Here’s what to do right now:

The quickest and easiest way is to order online below:

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Or please call me on 0403 372 261 and tell me you want my Golf Success Blueprint package.

Cost is $127 (+ GST where applicable)

Call now while it’s fresh in your memory. This is a great chance to make this golfing season a success and start playing more consistently.

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Go for it,





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