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I was thrilled to hear Mike Clayton and team get their first golf course design gig in the USA. I can only imagine the interest this job would have received in the USA golf course design community, so for an Aussie group to get the nod they must be doing something right. Sounds like it’s going to be a ripper and if you’re even remotely interested in learning about better course design then take a few minutes and watch the video below:

I’ve been a fan of Clayton for some time now. He certainly has his critics, but most probably haven’t taken the time to really get in his head and understand where he’s coming from. I’ve written about him before (here and here) and each time I’ve received emails/calls from disgruntled golfers who think good Ole Mike has lost the plot. I think this is completely unfair. And it’s unfair because he’s a master of his craft. He lives and breathes golf – 100% passionate and committed to being the best he can be. He also offers some great insight that we could learn from.

His critics, in my mind, aren’t course designers. Yep, they have an opinion, and they’re entitled to them, but it doesn’t make them right. And I find it funny how many of these upset golfers are professionals in their own right (lawyers, doctors and accountants etc) and would be completely offended if an outsider came and critiqued their professional work.

No matter, I would love to play a golf course that is a mixture of Seve and Ben Hogan. Sounds a lot better than some of the big (long) and boring new courses that seem to be the norm.

And if I can be so bold to make a prediction:

Fun and interesting “short” courses are going to become more and more popular. They make a perfect practice environment, are an ideal location for beginners to learn and offer a real alternative for those that don’t have five hours to play big golf. And just maybe, some golf courses might start replacing their outdated practice fairways with this concept.

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  • Kathy Burton

    Reply Reply July 20, 2016

    Nothing better than a SHORT course….lol

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