A better golf swing drill

A better golf swing drill

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  • Adam

    Reply Reply June 2, 2013

    phil mickleson explained that if you want to hit a shot lower you take a shorter backswing. i find that this helps with the lower shots. with higher shots i just hit harder. believe it or not, i hit a golf ball as hard as i could with a pw and it went 200 yards. no joke. never came down it seemed. now i just hit it 120 but thats with an effortless swing. bet i could get up to that distance of 180 at least with wedge if i focus on increasing speed. but distance isn’t the whole game. it just feels good to out drive people. it makes you look like a god. but i cant hit my seven iron past 150 so it really doesn’t matter. there are some short hitters on tour that succeed. so i’m not worried about being short. i’m just thinking about how long i can keep myself automatic. and i do happen to remember that moe norman said that he had gained 40 yards without effort. i believe this is from swinging freely and allowing his swing to “balance him” as so he said. he always said to “keep it simple stupid”. which in my opinion he was the best golfer to ever live, so i would have to agree with that. if we simply keep everything simple then we really don’t have to worry about the swing. heres a video of moe norman explaining his philosophy on golf and life: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rIq1aPKi1w sorry it cutts off at the end….but some good stuff in here

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