I’ve been working on something special for a while. It’s a new training aide that solves one of golf’s biggest problems. I can’t talk much about it – I haven’t even got a name for this product. But I’d like to tell you about it soon. If you think you’d be interested in a learning device and system that will:

  • Make your golf swing instinctive
  • Help you over come swing fear and nervousness
  • Help your real swing be as good, if not better, than your practice swing
  • Remove those ugly kinks in your swing almost like magic
  • Help you play better
  • Become your own swing coach
  • Play with freedom and confidence

Then shoot me a small email and tell me what your biggest swing problem is to:


Be sure to include, “my golf swing needs help” in the subject line. This way I’ll be able to notify you when I have more detail.

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