A word on commentators

Dear golfer,

I’ll be honest, I don’t like commentators. They make me cringe with all of their analysis, predictions and coaching.

I’ve been watching a little bit of tennis (Australian Open) over the last week. There have been many great matches, with the best players demonstrating their skill, passion and determination for hours on end. It’s compulsive viewing.

I feel that the coverage has lost some appeal with the persistent commentators analysing every moment to death. It’s getting quite boring really.

My first point is that no matter how good the player, they will never win every point. These super players will make mistakes and that is just part of life. So let them play…

Second point. The opponent is trying just has hard, if not harder to win. So despite the perfect approach shot, powerful serve or ripping back hand the ball can come back and go for a winner. It happens each game and is part of life. Again, it’s not possible to win every point so I wish commentators would stop being so critical when often the player was out done by a better shot.

I understand that the commentators have to talk about something…at least that is what they get paid to do. Like golf, tennis can go on for a long time and they have hours of time to fill in. Mindless waffling is not the answer. Trying to predict the future doesn’t work either. Why can’t we be allowed to watch in peace and let the real stars rule the show?

The answer? Turn the audio down. It gives a different perspective and you notice things that were once disguised. Like how much ground players travel on each point and how annoying those commentators really are.

The lesson here? I know this is a golf blog and the lesson here is this,

The vast majority of elite sports people have reached the top of their game because they’re able to PLAY in the moment. Their natural skill rises to the surface and they play. They are not over analysing, thinking about their opponents or trying to predict the future. They are playing.

Golfers that struggle resemble the commentator. They have their mind filled too many instructions, rules and lessons. They are trying to play with their analytical mind, not their creative one.

The solution? The same as above. Turn the volume down. Stop thinking. Learn to play and you’ll be fine. Your natural game will be better than anything else that you try to do.

And finally, like tennis, you can’t win every point. It’s impossible to hit every fairway, green or make each putt. So stop trying so hard. Let go and enjoy the walk.

Good golfing,

Cameron Strachan

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