Does this work for a beginner?

It really only works for those that have been playing golf for at least one year. If you’ve never hit a good shot or struggle to hit the ball you need to go through the uncomfortable stage of learning to strike the ball. If you’re a beginner golfer then my advice is for you to swing the club and hit the ball – please don’t get too bogged down with mechanics. But you may need a lesson or two to be pointed in the correct direction.

This seems too easy, why does it work?

Because you are learning to get out of your own way. Even though it seems like the right thing to do, thinking and controlling your swing while playing is actually the worst thing you can do. If you let your subconscious do it’s thing, you will play better.

The simplicity of all this is lost on many people so they never try. The bottom line is your subconscious system is designed to perform a skill like a golf swing.

Can I still work on my swing?

Sure, but you need to do the thinking part of it behind the ball. Even better, do so away from the course and use the course for playing golf. You’ll do much better.

I’m a big fan of using a net and mat from home. This is a perfect environment to learn your swing. There are no distractions, you a free to experiment and you shouldn’t ruin your golf game in the process.

It’s not working, what do I do now?

Give it a chance. Are you following the advice properly? Some golfers think too much and struggle to let go. While the advice is easy to do it’s also easy NOT to do.

Will this ruin my swing?

Not at all. The technique will only enhance your golf swing and give you your real golf swing – it can’t give you something that you don’t currently know how to do. If you think it does stuff you up you can always go back to what you’ve always done – your “normal” game will return.

Do “good” players play automatically?

Yep, they sure do. Almost any great performance is performed automatically – there are very few exceptions to this. The very best players are so good not because they have perfect technique or some magical ability. They are champions because they have learned how to “play” the game the same way time after time. They don’t get in their own way or let pressure or the situation change them.

They do the same thing over and over again.

Feel free to leave any questions/thoughts below. On the next page I’m going to reveal the biggest issue I see.

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  • Brian Stehr

    Reply Reply January 14, 2013

    Hi Cam,
    Just want to thank you. I am a sports coach and therefore always overanalyse the swing.
    Have struggled to find a way but tried it last Saturday and am encouraged by the results even though the score was pretty average.
    I will continue with some enthusiasm.


    • Cameron

      Reply Reply January 15, 2013

      Hi Brian, thanks for dropping by. Coaches, accountants, doctors etc tend to over analyse. They don’t always like being told to think less and play more, but they’re no different from the rest of us. If you can take this onboard I think it will make you an even better coach 🙂

      Also, don’t let your score get in the way at this stage. Pesky will try and sabotage your efforts by telling you it doesn’t work because your score is not too good. Stick with it! You’ll get a breakthrough and a great score soon. Go play!

  • Cameron

    Reply Reply January 30, 2013

    Janis: Great score! I always say that automatic golf allows for something “remarkable” to happen – 10 under your handicap is certainly remarkable. Well done.

    This process is not an exact science – you’ve definitely got room to move. The big thing is listening to your gut and doing what feels good/right for you. The hard part (and everyone falls over here) is to keep going in the right direction. The temptation is to try and repeat what you did or remember what happened last time. This all leads to too much thought and you’ll fall off the wagon – you’ve got to keep playing as freely as possible and go with the ups and downs – play the game.

    Keep up the good work!


  • Nancy Erhardt

    Reply Reply February 3, 2013

    Golf has been my passion for 25 years. But last year it was like BB King says,”the thrill is gone.” How can I get that feeling back for the game?

    • Cameron

      Reply Reply February 3, 2013

      Nancy, here’s my take. You’ve gotta stop thinking so much and trying so hard to swing correctly. It’s time for you to take a deep breath and swing the club in a way that truly satisfies you. There is no right and wrong here – you’re the captain of your own game and you’re free to play how you want.

      In my experience, traditional instruction focuses too much on technique and we become “swing bound”. Long term this kills our enjoyment, enthusiasm and passion. If we’re not careful it’s possible to lose our best golfing years.

      So get outside and play how you want. You might just surprise yourself.

      This website contains lots of lessons and insight and hopefully gives you the courage to truly play the game.

  • James Vilberg

    Reply Reply March 22, 2013

    Hi cameron jim from miami i will be glad to video my sidesaddle putting tchnique next week and send to you
    Laid up with siatic hip at the moment but recovering here are some pitting thoughts that work with any system

    1 you can either think this putt is going in or it will miss. Its up to you, if you c hoose fear and missing you will get what you deserve, how stupid is it to presuppose failure? Its is fact that you will make more putts if you SMILE when
    You stoke it. About 16% more on average. What you think is the truth to you, just believing won!t make every
    Putt but it will make more putts. Smiling feels better too… put a smile in all your swings.
    When i set up tp the ball i picture the flag in my mind and see it on top of the ball like a little movie and i hit the ball into the’movie. In putting, if you do it the wrong way ( facing sideways to the hole) you cannot see the hole or line.
    Try seeing the hole in your’mind like a picture or movie and putt into the picture, actually blink your eyes noticeably like they are a camers and capture the image, now putt into the image. Tiger was too young to know what a foot or yard was and his dad had him take apicture and putt into the picture. He still lags’this way’today. Its like a’form
    Of automatic putting. Try it you!ll like it. Next week i will show you how to putt the right way, facing the target
    Like you, bowl, shoot a gun ,throw a ball, play darts, drice c car or kiss your gal. If i handed you’a golfball ten feet’from the’cup on a green and said i would give you a hundred bucks if you can hole it from there with your hand
    Wouldyou stand sideways like you putt to’roll it inthe cup? No, you would’face’the hole, bend slighly and roll it
    With your dominant hand. I rest my case. More on this next’week.
    You are so right on thought free swinging and how we’get in our own way with analisis to’paralisis.
    Keep preaching to the deaf masses, some will hear and learn. At one time everyone’thought the world was flat
    But tht did not make it flat, it made them all’wrong. Stay true’to’the’truth and it will set some’folks’swing free.
    Happy fairways to you cameron jim

    • Cameron

      Reply Reply March 23, 2013

      Look forward to seeing your vid. Cheers, Cam

  • Adam

    Reply Reply May 18, 2013

    i don’t really mess with my swing all that much. never really have.

  • Jeff Reuter

    Reply Reply July 2, 2013

    Hi Cameron
    I’ve been a fan of your simple methods for a good while but sometimes when you are in the heat of the moment on the course (you know the story – when you are up to your arse in crocodiles it is sometimes hard to remember you are there to just drain the swamp!!) you lose your focus. I have been struggling with an elbow injury for a while and it has been really frustrating but last Saturday in the final round of our captains trophy stroke comp (and having re-looked at some of your stuff) I just counted away to myself, had my best round for about 2 months and walked away with the trophy plus a reduction in my handicap. So happy!!! Thanks again for for your insights.

    • Cameron

      Reply Reply July 2, 2013

      Jeff: Thanks for sharing. We all fall off the wagon from time to time. The trick is not to beat ourselves up too much and jump back on as quickly as possible. In time, these lapses don’t happen as often…

      Well done on the win and the drop in handicap…


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