Thanks for coming this far. Hopefully by now you’ve got an insight into playing golf more automatically/naturally. If you can implement some of the concepts then I’m fairly certain you’ll see some improvement.

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  • Play golf with less fear
  • Have more confidence
  • Play with more satisfaction
  • Have more fun

The best starting point is to get outside and start. You can’t learn a better game by reading about it or watching video. The only way to learn is to do.

So grab a club and head outside and swing. Don’t analyse and think about what you’re doing. Can you swing your 7 iron in the backyard for a few minutes without so much bloody thinking?

Good. Now keep going. Feel your swing. Hear the club swooshing. Smell the grass. But don’t think. Do this for a few minutes and go inside. If you’re really keen you can repeat this for a few minutes each day for a week. But please don’t over analyse and start trying to work out what is happening. Just enjoy the experience.

Next is to take your game to the practice fairway. Same rules apply. Hit the ball, feel your swing, hear the sound of the strike BUT DO NOT attempt to manipulate the swing or club in any way. Just hit the bloody ball.

Go through your bag and repeat.

This is going to be hard for many golfers but you’ve got to stick with it. If you have trouble with your active mind sing a song or count numbers in your head. That will keep you distracted long enough to hit the ball.

Finally, you get to go play. Your goal is to mimic your little practice sessions. Hit the ball – don’t think and analyse. It’s as simple as that.

My strong recommendation is to give yourself three rounds of playing this way. This is enough time for you to,

– get used to playing automatically
– experience something remarkable
– to convince you that automatic golf works

And that’s about it. It really is a simple way to approach your golf game but it does work.

If you want more information on Automatic Golf there are a few options.

You can check out my book, The Golfer’s Nightmare – this goes into more detail about the automatic process and highlights the most common mistakes golfers make
You can get a copy of The Golf Success Blueprint – this is a DVD of my Golf Mastery Seminar and also comes with a chunky manual.
Get the Remarkable Golf Audio – it’s only $5 and is packed with an hours worth of insight and learning into playing better golf automatically.

Please leave any comments or questions below… I’m here to answer any questions you may have.

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  • marcus jones

    Reply Reply September 12, 2012

    Hey, let me tell you this automatic golf really does work but you gotta stick with it. After the first round I was readyto give up its hard to break the habits and play with a free mind,but now after 3 rounds I am starting to see the rewards,played 18 holes in 9 over,not bad for a 20 handicap. I think the secret is to let it envelop your game bit by bit, don’t rush to try everything Cameron teaches in one hit. PS. Cameron, I carnt believe you don’t charge for this. Thanks I’m off for a relaxing walk round the golf course

    • Cameron

      Reply Reply September 12, 2012

      Hi Marcus. It’s definitely not a sprint, it’s more of a marathon. But many golfers are looking for some quick-fix miracle cure – when it doesn’t show up in the first 5 minutes, they’re off, in search of the next tip. Well done for hanging in there, you are certainly on the right track.



  • Adem Becirevic

    Reply Reply November 26, 2012

    Thanks for your emails love automatic golf have hit some great shots but its still a work in progress
    Does it also apply to putting ??

  • Cameron

    Reply Reply January 23, 2013

    Hi Janis: thanks for sharing. One thing I’ve said is this website helps give you permission to play golf a little differently – you’re free to explore and have some fun.

    Give it a go and report back with your findings. Also, maybe you won’t need as many golf lessons now 🙂


  • Cameron

    Reply Reply January 25, 2013

    Janis: this happens quite often. It’s a sign that you were relaxed and playing in the first round and then you did what many adults do in the second – you thought and analyzed too much 🙂

    You need to surrender to the process and go with the flow. Don’t try and work things out – just play the game.

    You could always purchase my book 🙂 any contribution here helps keep the site active.

  • Cameron

    Reply Reply January 27, 2013

    Not sure what the issue is here – it may be a setting on your browser….

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