Is this a bad golf grip?

For the traditionalists out there you won’t be able to look. This could be the worst golf grip you’ve seen. And you’ll be thinking, “how can anyone hit a ball by using a bad golf grip like this?”.

bad golf grip

Is this a bad golf grip? Joe was a little rusty at the start but after a few minutes he was able to nail shot after shot, even with this very unconventional “cack” handed grip.

But hit he can. Joe got to hit some shots at the Golf Farm today. He was a little rusty because he hasn’t hit a golf ball in over four years. But when he connected…

… Whack!

A nice 100 metre shot with a sand iron. After five minutes he was on fire and could barely miss.

I actually haven’t ever seen an adult hit balls with this “cack” handed grip before. But I loved to see it. There was no temptation to change. Just observe and watch how one man has learned to buck the system and hit decent golf shots with what many in the golf establishment would say is WRONG. It proves that there really is more than one way to skin a cat.

cack handed golf grip

I love this position. The bent left arm will ensure a nice power boost. While it may look awkward for you, I’m convinced this would be a viable golf grip for many golfers.

And it got me thinking. With many younger players adapting this grip when they first start playing, why don’t we see more players use it?

I think it definitely has something to do with conforming to the normal and not upsetting the status quo. But just maybe, for a select few golfers, this grip is the way to go.

I for one think, if nothing else, it should serve as motivation to do YOUR thing. To swing the club in a way that feels good to you and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. Just go for it and have as much fun possible.


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