[Example] Why many golfers can’t chip the golf ball

Below you’ll see some images of Ben chipping. He’s not a super regular golfer but is a keen sportsman. He plays cricket and opens the bowling for his team – he told me the week before he bowled 19 overs in a row.

So he’s not a complete hacker – he has hand eye coordination and a bit of a clue.

When he set up to chip the ball – a very basic chip shot of around 5 metres – he did what a lot of golfers do. The ball went too far forward in his stance.

Ben chipping the ball

Ben chipping the ball

This looks ok, but the ball is too far forward

This looks ok, but the ball is too far forward

Ben’s technique was fine. With more play he’d refine it and get better and better…

Pretty good chipping technique from Ben...

Pretty good chipping technique from Ben…

But the problem is this. Even with good hand eye and a decent technique, he completely stuffed up the shot. The image below doesn’t fully tell the story – but he only hit it two metres – the ball didn’t make it halfway to the hole. “I lifted my head”, was his immediate remark…

It had nothing to do with lifting his head – he simply had the ball too far forward and he struck the earth first. This is such a huge problem for many golfers.

A fat chip shot... never a good thing.

A fat chip shot… never a good thing.

The solution is to place the ball further back in your stance. This fixes so many issues and actually makes chipping a way simpler skill. If you want to learn how to become super consistent, then check out the ChipMaster Pro – it’s one of my best inventions and it works a treat

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