Simple putting

Many golfers want putting to be difficult. They like trying hard. They hatch (sit so long over the putt it’s like they’re hatching eggs). They like copying the pro’s incredibly boring (and slow) routine and analysing the putt from every angle. If that works for you then go for it.

For everyone else, I’m offering an alternative. To sink more putts, to worry less and to shoot better scores. It requires less energy and will have a ripple on effect for your entire game. You’ll have more confidence and you’ll feel better about yourself. It’s also an easy win because you already have the talent inside you. You just have to learn to get out of your way.

Look at the hole, walk in and hit the putt. It really can be as simple as that.

I know some golfers want a bit more than this. Some of you may feel you’re past the point of no return and really struggle to let go and putt naturally – you may have the putting yips and need extra attention. If this sounds like you then you should check out my premium putting advice. There’s some more detail that will help you get over the hurdle.

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