3. Use your hands: Something that you’ve probably overlooked it that you’re really good with your hands. In fact, you use your hands everyday in a variety of ways. You open doors, feed yourself and type on a keyboard. But many golfers forget about their hands (or are told to) and focus too much on their body.So if you want to make your golf swing easier focus on your hands and let your body follow. A body dominated swing might feel powerful but the chances are it’s holding you back.

4. Comfortable and relaxed backswing position: It’s not necessary to have a big backswing to hit the ball with power. Research has shown that plenty of power can be achieved with a short and comfortable backswing position. A good rule of thumb is a 3⁄4 position.

Not only is this easier to do but it reduces the tension in your back and shoulders. It’s a perfect win‐win situation that can have an immediate positive affect on your game.

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