Your golf stance, just like your grip, must allow you to swing the golf club with speed. Much of conventional instruction ignores this principle. Golfers are told to get into positions that do not suit them and they find uncomfortable. This does not allow them to be the best golfers they can be – no matter how much practice they do.

The golf stance has four considerations, they are;

Square alignment – nothing new here. You must stand squarely to the target but don’t worry too much about getting it perfect. This is not possible and your subconscious can take care of any minor imperfections.

Posture – one of my biggest gripes with modern coaching is the obsession with body posture. Golfers are forced to shift and mold their bodies into positions that they find incredibly uncomfortable. I believe this can have no positive effect on their golf game. If you find a comfortable posture and one that allows you to swing the club quickly, your posture is fine.

Width of stance – there has been a move in recent times to adopt a wider golf stance. I don’t always agree with this. Balance is the primary concern here – you should find a stance width that allows you to stay balanced throughout the swing. A stance that is too wide restricts the swing too much and can place unnecessary strain on the back and joints.

Weight distribution – BioSwing becomes more specific here. You should place more weight into you heels. This helps push your hips back into a semi locked position (more on this later). You should have about 60% of your weight set into your heels. This position should feel strong and alive – your body ready to swing the club.

With the weight on your toes you are pre setting a weak and body dominated swing. This almost always leads to a slice or an inconsistent ball flight.

My main advice for the stance is to get comfortable. Don’t worry about being exactly square and make sure that your hips get into a semi-locked position (hips back and weight into your heels).

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