An old golfing mate asked me over the weekend what my #1 secret was for playing better golf. He wanted to know what one thing (shortcut) has allowed me to improve my golf the most.

Don’t know what he thought of my response, but I think he was expecting something different (here’s my recollection of what I said).

“I’ve learned to tee up the ball and make a carefree swing from the first tee. I’m not concerned about the rough, my swing or playing partners. I then repeat this swing (or putt, chip, recovery) each and every time I play a shot. I don’t change my approach because I’m nervous or when the pressure builds. I keep doing the same thing over and over again – no matter what the situation”.

This is definitely not a shortcut. It has taken me years of persistence to really understand and experience the magic of playing better. It’s not possible to buy that experience. It comes from commitment and dedication over an extended period of time

In an age when most are keen to look for the miracle cure (quick fix) my approach is unlikely to appeal to the masses. The lure of a shortcut is too great.

If there really was a shortcut, golfers much smarter than you and me would have found it. I’ve had my ear to the ground for sometime now, but haven’t heard of any shortcut worth commenting on.

Sorry, but shortcuts don’t exist.

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