I have missed this…

Late last year I took a break from writing on my blog. I felt I was spending too much time crafting stories and sharing my ideas.

But I’ve missed it.

To be fair, I was busy on some other projects but those are now under control. But I’m back and looking forward to writing my thoughts on golf, coaching and anything that tickles my interest.

The blogs are free and contain little snippets of wisdom. If you’re looking for something deeper then maybe the Cameron Strachan Letter is your thing. Here’s what Iain sent me yesterday;

Cameron, got the CSL today – thought I would skim through but was hooked and wanted to see where it would lead. Loved it…

… you have clearly put some hard work into this aspect of communication and have a natural gift for it …

… such a brilliant philosophical review on life — so printed out some copies and sent to my three daughters and their husbands !! And they don’t play golf. They could do worse than follow your wisdom so eloquently and practically explained…

I’ll write a blog when I’ve got something interesting to say – maybe once or twice a week.

The CSL is printed and posted to your door each month on or around the 20th. There’s even a supporting website that has video and other bonus material. Check it out.

Enjoy the blogs. I love doing them

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