I stuffed up

I played golf yesterday. It was a super day and it was great to get out of the office on a Friday afternoon. I’m a believer that the worst day of golf is still better than the best day at work 🙂

I’m a little frustrated this morning because I feel that I let a really special round slip away. I made some mistakes and I’m determined to learn from them. Please don’t feel sorry for me. I still shot a 69. But it could have been so much better.

I birdied my 10th hole (The 1st on the course as I started on the back nine) to get to four under. I was going nicely. Everything felt great and the world was on my side.

I then made my first mistake. I started playing safe. I didn’t mean to. But I went conservative in my approach. I started worrying about the trouble and tried to protect my score.

I made my first bogey on the 5th hole. This came after I played the par 5, 4th so safe that I was lucky to escape with a par. Sometimes you just have to go for it. Pull out all stops and go with the flow… By playing safe I cost myself at least two shots on those holes.

I then realised my second mistake. I had stopped drinking water. It was hot and humid yesterday and by the time I reached the 16th I was shot. I had a headache and no energy. I stumbled into the 18th with a string of lucky pars.

Although a 3 under round is a good score it was not a remarkable score yesterday. It should have been better, but I stopped playing instinctively and automatically. I applied too much logic and paid the price. Worse still, my mind wondered and I lost concentration. I was hot and bothered by the finish and it took me a few hours to rehydrate. Not a good thing.

This morning I have realised another mistake I’ve made. Fitness. Or a better term is lack of fitness. I’ve put on some weight in the last few months and stopped exercising. To help motivate me I’ll be writing about it on my blog. I’m aiming to lose 10 kilograms. I’ll see how I go.

To help me I’ll be using an ancient Russian exercise tool. A friend of mine sells them and they are fantastic. You can lose weight, get stronger and improve flexibility all at once. If you’re interested check them out at his website, they are called Iron Edge and are ideal for all ages and fitness levels.

I’ll chat to you soon.

Good golfing,

Cameron Strachan

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