Us golfers can be obsessed with getting better. The problem is that quick fixes and miracle cures are often the focus. Golf magazines and many coaches like to promise “improve your swing in 5 minutes” to better play, this all sounds great but rarely does it happen.

Maybe this culture is about getting lucky? Wouldn’t it be great if we could get that lucky break and almost magically have a new golf game that gives us everything we want?

But luck is a myth. It has a great appeal for those not prepared to make an effort but you can’t rely on it. Even if someone does get lucky it’s unlikely you will too.

So what’s the best way to improve your game? A better question might be, how can you improve your game with minimum time and effort in a busy world? (people will then think you’re lucky)

You have to make some effort. Sitting around reading about golf will not help. You have to work at it. I offer the following solutions to those prepared to make an effort. But be warned! There is nothing magical or lucky about concentrated effort!

  • Spend 10 minutes a day on your chipping. Don’t aimlessly chip balls on the carpet but strive to achieve a specific goal. This could be chipping into a bucket or hitting the ball softly to your first born (please be careful if you take the second option 🙂 )
  • Develop a strategy for sinking all (at least most) of those short putts. If you don’t know of a strategy you’ll probably find one here.
  • Put a net up at home or the office so you can spend a few minutes a day swinging. If you can’t hit balls then swinging a club in the back yard is a good start. Swinging at home saves you time travelling to the driving range.
  • Stop tinkering with your clubs and equipment. The chances are there’s not much wrong with them.
  • Learn a new shot. Doesn’t mean you’ll use it much but it helps in your development. Ever tried playing a bunker shot with a 5 iron?
  • Exercise. I’ve never been a big fan of exercising for golf. As I’m getting older I can appreciate it more. I like to swing kettlebells. If you haven’t seen them check them out. If you do want to exercise forget fads and gimmicks – try and find some functional strength training. You’ll get a better workout in less time.
  • Stop worrying about your game and get busy playing. Playing is what makes the game fun and fun allows you to play your best golf.
  • Play the most challenging golf course you can find once in a while. And while you’re at it drag along three better players for the ride. You might get beaten but you’ll learn to play outside of your comfort zone and this can only help!

If you can manage to “make an effort” for a few months you’ll see an improvement. From the outside it will look like your game has magically improved and you’ve gotten lucky. But the real reason is that you’ve taken control and not relied on luck or tricks.

There’s no shortcut to improvement and as Gary Player famously said (I think it was Player),

“The more I practice the luckier I get”

There’s also a chance that you won’t get better, but that’s the chance you’ve got to take. But I’m willing to bet that you’ll improve and I’m not a gambling man.

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