golf-tribe-image-webThe Golf Tribe is back! This is the place to get access to all of my premium content (including archives) and direct help from me via email. Here’s the story: contains lots of valuable information on learning to play better golf. And most of it is free. If you’ve got the time you can go from post to post and get all sorts of knowledge and ideas for improving your play. But some people want more.

Almost daily, I get emails and requests for those wanting help. And I love this, it’s what gets me up in the morning and why I’m continually coming up with new ways of coaching and telling the Automatic Golf story. I really do like helping golfers get more enjoyment from the game. But this extra help takes time and is becoming more of strain, both on time and financially. After a lot of thought, I’ve decided to recreate the Golf Tribe and charge a small fee for access. Cost is $4.95 per week.

The Golf Tribe Membership comes in 3 parts and gives you tremendous value for money. Here’s what you get:

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[headline_tahoma_small_left color=”#000000″]Access to all premium blog posts[/headline_tahoma_small_left]

My new Golf Farm will give me the opportunity to produce lots of new content, including videos and pictures of my golf coaching ideas. From this week on I will be adding a minimum of ONE premium blog post per week. It’s likely to be more than this, especially in the beginning (I’ve just created a list and there’s a heap of things I want to get off my chest and share with you). Your membership will give you full access to all of this premium content.

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I have placed all of my original videos and premium content into an archived section of the website. Everything has been laid out logically and is ready and waiting for you to consume it. In previous years I’ve charged up to $40 per month for access but it is included in the $4.95 per week fee. Archived content includes;

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  • The findings of the comprehensive scientific study into the golf swing: This is called Bioswing and you get full access to the training videos. Bioswing is still my all-time best selling product and I’ve even created an updated version that ties in with natural learning. Most haven’t seen this and it’s included in the one low price.
  • Perfect Putting System: I’ve created a huge pile of information on putting including, training videos and case studies. There’s a heap of information that covers all aspects of the putting game
  • Short Game training: ditto for chipping, pitching and bunker play. Hours of content
  • Automatic Learning: You know I’m crazy about this part of the game and over the years I’ve compiled hours of premium content on this subject. There are video, ebooks and audio that will allow you to master all parts of your game

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You get access to me via email. So anytime you have a question or need something answered you’ll be able to fire off an email and I’ll be here to help. I’ll be focusing most of my attention on the Tribe Members and will do my best to answer your queries within a few hours. Plus, you get access to other Tribe Members through the comment section of the private posts – this is a great learning resource in it’s own right and well worth the investment.

I’ve always wanted to create my own small little tribe of like minded golfers, all there to help each other and offer encouragement when needed. It’s highly unlikely to get that big, I don’t want some huge monster that’s impossible to manage. I’m looking for a small amount of golfers and give them incredible value for money. If you’d like to join the Golf Tribe and get instant access to me and all of the great content, then please click the link below.

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The Golf Tribe is a private section of the Golfgooroo website. Once payment has been made you will be forwarded an email with username and password details. There are no physical items – all content appears on the website.

Cost is $4.95 per week and payments are made automatically with Paypal. There is no obligation or minimum term – you can cancel at anytime. Once you cancel your subscription you no longer have access to the private content area. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Charges will appear from “Auscreations” and will be in USD.

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