The myth of the square stance

Golfers tend to waste a lot of energy on their stance. We obsess about it. We lay clubs on the ground and spend time concerning ourselves where our feet point. But I think this can all be a distraction – a waste of time if you will. There’s an easier and better way.

Science showed there was no evidence to support a square stance (back in the day I was part of a major biomechanical research into the golf swing). You need to be somewhat square to the target, but this does not mean perfectly square. If you play “your” way then the chances are you’re going to curve the ball a little – this alone means you shouldn’t be set dead square.

I have found that when golfers are allowed to swing “their” way any alignment issues are taken care of. The golfer can get set to the ball and swing freely – there’s limited interruption with thoughts like, “is my stance correct?”. The golfer is free to play the game and has one less thing to think about. Who really cares about a dead square stance when the ball can find the target anyway?

Further. Bubba Watson and Matt Kuchar are two of the best players in the world right now. They Online Casino have unique styles and DON’T set up square to the target.

Bubba likes to play with a huge fade/slice. His stance is miles open – he even plays a draw from this position. I’m not sure he could play any other way.

Kuchar aims his body to the right (closed) and has open shoulders. This goes against all the textbooks and I’m sure many pros would love to “straighten him out”. But why? The guy is super consistent and rarely misses a cut. He plays with a pull fade from the tee and hits many greens. Sure, he doesn’t win every week but who does? His success (at least part of) to me is very much due to his style.

The sad thing with modern instruction is the reluctance to allow individuals to find their unique technique. But golfing history is full of golfers who have walked their own path – who have set up to the ball in a way that suits them. Watson and Kuchar are just two of many.

The square stance is a myth. Another part of golf instruction that is about getting you to conform and getting you away from playing golf YOUR way. Best you get comfortable and swing. Your alignment (stance) will take care of itself.

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  • Tony Lucas

    Reply Reply September 3, 2014

    Hoorah well said
    Cheers Lukey

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