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My passion and interest has been the study of human learning for nearly 20 years. I have been fascinated with the way people get taught the game since my first golf lesson. That lesson was potentially the worst day in my golfing life. I went from a confident young golfer into someone that lost his swing and developed a slice and an air ball in forty-five minutes.

This made no sense to me! And it took me years to work my way out of the golfing doldrums.

After stuffing around for some time this is what I now believe…

Although well meaning, most golf pros don’t fully understand the learning process. They give you too many things to think about and don’t realise that the final stage of learning must allow you to be more natural and instinctive – this is when you can perform the skill without thinking about it – just like how you drive a car or ride a bike.

Unfortunately, for the most part, this step is either ignored or simply left out. This is the single biggest reason that golfers struggle with their golf swing out on the course. The added pressure of playing golf is enough to make many golfers suck! You get nervous, stuff up and embarrass yourself at the worst possible time.

It’s time to put a stop to the frustration.

Three Steps That Guarantee Improvement

Golfers have been let down in the past because golf instructors have not understood the learning process. No matter what you’re learning, good instruction must follow this approach;

  1. Accurate information
  2. A road map for learning the new skill
  3. Strategy to learn skills to the automatic level. Vital!

Learning to perform your skills automatically ensures you’ll be able to play golf like a real master out on the golf course. You’ll have confidence and consistency and be able to play your best golf when it truly matters.

Have you ever struggled on the golf course? Do you hit the ball well on the practice fairway but lose the plot from the first tee onwards?

This is because you have not learned to automatic your golf game. The pressure of the trees, water and other hazards sends your mind and body into a spin. You have no means to control nerves and no blueprint how to execute your swing with trust and confidence.

Become A Master Golfer

Play Golf Your Way is the final piece of the puzzle and is a crucial step in the golf learning process. No matter what your existing level, Play Golf Your Way will help you improve your golf game by covering topics such as;

  • How to develop a sound physical and mental routine. This is not the boring stuff you’ve probably read about before
  • How to develop superior confidence
  • Discover what is an optimal state of mind and how to achieve it
  • Why the Technique Phenomenon is destroying any chance of you reaching your golfing goals
  • How to stay in the present – this is the number one rule most psychologists talk about and I show you exactly how to do it
  • Why a great golf swing does not guarantee you’ll be a great player. Learn how those guys with an ugly and horrible swing can beat the socks of everyone else.
  • Why logic and thought can be detrimental to learning a better game
  • Why it’s impossible to attempt to make a copy of your best swing and what to do instead!
  • Why ball striking has virtually no impact on the score you shoot
  • How to make golf as easy as riding a bike or throwing a ball
  • How to learn from your best round of golf and ensure you can repeat it more often
  • The incredible phenomenon that all golfers do in relation to their worst golf game
  • How to trust your swing every time
  • The unique exercise that can improve your golf swing immediately without changing your technique
  • What good golfers think about when they’re playing well
  • How you can get lucky more of the time
  • Why golf commentators and swing gurus are probably hurting your game
  • How to deal with poor shots and get your round back on track
  • How to practice so your swing changes can be learned and then automated in virtually no time
  • How to deal effectively with first tee nerves – and it’s not relaxing!
  • Why many golf coaches psyche their pupils out before the end of the first lesson
  • How the golf industry nearly destroyed the game of a leading PGA Tour star and how to avoid the same mistake
  • A sure fire method of developing a better short game
  • Why you don’t want to copy the style of your favourite player
  • How to avoid destroying a great round with those 2 or 3 shots that blow up your score. Learn to finish off each round in style
  • Plus lots more!

Play Golf Your Way allows you to become the best golfer you can be. You learn the most accurate fundamentals of the swing and then incorporate them into your swing. And finally you become a natural golfer who is able to play good golf consistently well.

What more could a golfer ask for?

PGYW has nothing to do with meditation, relaxation or any other new age garbage. It is solid instruction based on sound learning principles. I’m not going to ask you to stand on your head or repeat strange mantras to yourself.

It is based on real world experience without any BS!

Take Your Golf To A New Level

Have you tried everything to improve at golf? If you’ve read this far I’m sure you have. All of the tips, lessons and articles on golf, although interesting, probably have not helped you improve to your full potential.

Your golf game is likely to be inconsistent, leaving you frustrated and confused as to why you play well one day but like a beginner the next.

Let me share with you a better way.

PGYW is the exact system that I used to transform my game. It’s the exact way I approach every shot I play and that has lead to a way better golf game. And I want to teach you the same thing.

It will guide you step by step along the path to a simpler and more effective way to play golf and then ultimately to shooting better golf scores.

The focus is not just on the golf swing. I’m passionate about giving you the skill and enjoyment that can only come when you have a deep inner belief that you’re under full control.

Words can’t describe the euphoria you’ll have when you know, even before you get to the golf course, that you’re going to shoot a good score and play to your maximum potential.

This doesn’t mean you’re going to shoot record scores every time … but you’ll increase the chances of doing so and become much more consistent – like playing to your handicap more of the time and improving your skills constantly.

This is playing golf and makes the game fun again.

Here’s what’s in this package

The original Play Golf Your Way package was a basic E-book. I’ve recently updated it with a fresh new look and easier reading style. It has also been optimised to print out so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Play your best golf with automatic learning


I’ve also include a bonus audio that I’ve put together to accompany the book. I only found this audio this morning and it is jammed packed with extra content and thoughts (about an hour’s worth of pure gold content). I’ve never released this before (as far as I can remember) and will be unlikely to do so again.

Just so you’re sure: this is an electronic product. It is delivered to you via the magic of the internet and you can start reading/listening in minutes. There’s absolutely nothing delivered to you in physical form to your snail mail address.

I’m also now offering Paypal payments with the standard credit card option.

As usual, with all of my products, if it doesn’t live up to your expectations then I offer a full and no stuffing about money back guarantee. I take this seriously, so if your golf doesn’t improve as a result then I demand you ask for your money back.

So if you’re ready to learn the exact system that I used to get my game back on track and skyrocket my performance, then Play Golf Your Way is for you. Fill in your details below for instant access.

Charges are in AUD. (a bit cheaper than USD 🙂 )

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