Some random golf tips

I don’t usually recommend typical golf tips. For the most part they don’t work and really don’t allow you to improve your golf. Here’s a random bunch of golf tips that might help.

1. Spend 5 minutes a week practicing 1 metre putts (the carpet at home is perfect)
2. Buy some Almost Golf Balls and start chipping in the backyard
3. Learn to play with half a set (you should even play a competition or two)
4. Swing more freely as your round progresses (by the time you reach the 18th you should be loose and free flowing)
4. Chip with a 6 iron (leave the lob wedge in the bag)
5. Drink water instead of those sports drink (they have way too much sugar in them)
6. When more than 200 metres from the pin hit you 7 iron instead of a 3 wood or long iron (go on, give it a go)
7. Get a rangefinder (these really do help you)
8. Learn something interesting about each new playing partner (can you remember their name?)
9. Walking while bouncing a tennis ball will help your golf (and your fitness)
10. Focus on where you want the ball to finish – not on your swing
11. Play a new course every now and then
12. Play from the back tees once in a while (ditto from the red tees)
13. Avoid bunkers at all cost (seriously consider altering your game plan)
14. Feel each shot you make (can you rate how good (or bad) each shot feels?)
15. Warm up in a net (not the practice fairway)
16. A conservative strategy is almost always better than the agressive shot you want to hit. Do you have the guts to hit the conservative shot?
17. Leave the driver in the car – at least for a round or two
18. Avoid changing your swing after a bad shot – keep playing
19. Learn a new shot (can you hit a bunker shot with a 5 iron?)
20. Play more golf – this is the best advice of all

I told you they were random.

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  • Lukey

    Reply Reply December 25, 2011

    Thank you for taking your time to list a few tips that could prove beneficial to us mere mortals and having read through there are a couple I did find helpful. Whilst I continue with the auto procedure I unfortunately am struggling with it a bit.I do feel sometimes my course management is a problem but I find it hard because the ball is not necessarily going where I envisage it which in turn puts stress on managing it.I still will continue persevering though and maybe refer to some of the tips above to help a little if not expect a phone call.I would also like to take this opportunity to wish yourself and every one else a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    Cheers Lukey

    • Cameron

      Reply Reply January 4, 2012

      Lukey: You need to stop looking at instruction as a series of tips and separate ideas. If you’re not happy with your golf it’s a sign that you’re trying too hard and possibly have unrealistic expectations.

      Stop thinking. Go out and play and enjoy the feeling of hitting the ball. When you can do this your scores will improve. But you can’t wait till good scores comes before you start having fun. Go play and see what happens.

  • Grayden Provis

    Reply Reply January 4, 2012

    Tip 10 has made the biggest difference to my golf in recent times…..a really good one. But Tip 16 is a great comment that you have to think about a bit. You would expect it to read “do you have the guts to hit the DARING shot?”. When we’re faced with the choice (and we are many times throughout a round) we often choose the daring (read “reckless”) shot because we can’t lose. If it comes off we’re a hero, if we stuff it up we have an excuse (“oh well, it was always going to be tough”). It takes more guts to hit the conservative shot because if it comes off we’re no hero (“it was an easy shot, what you expect?”) and if we muff it we’re a donkey (“an easy shot like that and he still muffed it”). The fact is the conservative shot is nearly always the winning shot from a score point of view but more risky from an ego point of view. I guess we have to decide why we’re out there.

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