A Stupid Number

My handicap is now plus 3. It’s the lowest I’ve ever been able to get it – lower even when I was playing full-time and able to practise everyday.

I’m pleased about this achievement but I’m not going to get carried away with it. Why? Because a handicap is just a stupid number. It’s only a representation of your golfing skill – it’s not actually your golfing ability. In other words, your handicap can’t hit the ball for you.

Many golfers become obsessed with their handicap to the detriment to their game. Last Saturday a playing partner spent so much time worrying about the course, his state of play and what it would do to his handicap that he stuffed up what could have been potentially a good score. He got in his own way when he needed a clear head and a simplistic approach.

Golf is a paradox. The less you think about your handicap the better (and lower) it will become.

Your handicap is a number – it’s not your golf game. Play first, worry about the small stuff later.

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