The downswing move in golf

This instruction will improve your golf swing. It is the most accurate information on the golf swing and will allow you to swing the club with more power and consistency.

At the top of the swing the forces acting on your body will be trying to pull it back towards the target. These forces make playing golf difficult. If not understood correctly you will never master the golf swing.

They critical move is to resist the forces early in the downswing. You do this by stabilizing the swing with your rear leg. The feeling is that the rear leg is staying still or even moving away from the target. The leg will not move of course – it is counteracting the forces – but the sensations are definitely present.

Most golfers get the correct feeling they need if they keep the rear foot planted early into the downswing. This prevents the body from spinning too much and causes it to slide more laterally, which is ideal.

The second phase of the downswing is to limit the lateral slide so the club can be delivered into the back of the ball. Too much slide and the golf swing is lost!

You limit the slide by stabilizing the swing with the front foot. In particular the big toe joint of the front foot. You need to feel the weight going down through into your big toe joint – never outside of it. The concept is that the weight remains on the inside of your leading foot until the ball is struck. If the weight goes onto the outside the foot early in the downswing, all control and power will be lost.

More detailed instruction of the golf downswing can be found by visiting golf science website

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