The Gullible – They believe everything they read and end up on the golf improvement merry-go-round

Opposite to the Cynic, the Gullible believes everything they read or are told. There’s a sucker born every minute and there’s plenty of dishonest people ready to take advantage of them.

The Gullible has a house full of golf clubs, training aids and other golf merchandise. He is easily influenced by marketing hype and false promises. The second he reads, “drop your handicap by 12 strokes”, he must have it. He buys first and asks questions later.

The poor gullible golfer doesn’t believe in his own talent, and thinks that everyone else holds the answers to his problems. If he ever learned to trust himself he would take massive steps in his golf improvement.

Many golf companies prey on the gullible. Marketing hype and promises suck them in each and every time. They push his buttons and he can’t resist. The gullible golfer will have his wallet out quicker than a Brett Lee fast ball, hoping the latest device will cure his game. It rarely does.

The gullible golfer needs to learn to differentiate between good instruction and advice that can help him, from that which it totally useless. Good advice usually has a scientific background and has been shown to work in the past. Poor instruction has that ‘get rich quick’ feel to it. It seems to good to be true and it often is.

I feel sorry for the gullible golfer. They are usually motivated to improve but keep falling for the same marketing tricks time after time. If only they could take a step back and really look at what they are buying or trying. There are no miracles in learning to play golf. The more realistic you can be, the more chance you have of making real and long lasting improvement.

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