This is how Tiger can get his game back…

The other day I directed my viewers to an article about Tiger Woods here. It’s worth a read, especially since the article was written way back in 2009.

Here are some of my thought about good Ole’ Tiger post the 2015 edition of The Masters.

He needs to play more. He just looks like he needs to get out there and compete. When Tiger’s competing I reckon he can put all (or most) of his troubles behind him. When he’s playing the game he’s not tweaking his swing or worried about his personal life or worried about what people think of him. His focus is getting the ball into the hole in the least number of shots. And he doesn’t care HOW he does it – he’ll do it by hitting incredible shots, or he’ll play ugly. In my opinion Tiger is (or at least was) the very best and focusing on playing the game and leaving all other distractions behind.

He started warming up by round 3. He looked like he was back in the game. He looked like the Tiger of old – fist pumps and the Tiger prowl. And I personally think he’s brilliant for the game and golf needs him firing. But he’s only going to fire if he stops with all the bullshit (the excuses, the crazy workout routines and God knows what else) and keeps on trucking.

Not sure if he’s going to find his game on the practice fairway, gym or on the psychologist’s chair. And I’m certain Tiger, like most of the rest of us, isn’t going to find the spark by reworking his swing. Nope. The way forward is to compete and play the game how he truly wants. I don’t believe we lose our swing and our talent and our ability to play golf. But sometimes we get distracted and forget what the objective of the exercise is.

Tiger has been out of the arena for a little while and he’s a bit rusty. “Playing” is what’s going to help him find his swing and move him closer to what he wants. Tiger needs to PLAY GOLF!

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