[Thoughts] Golf coaching for kids

Golf coaching for kids

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  • Adam

    Reply Reply May 25, 2013

    we have a person in our golf class who says fundamentals are whats most important. i disagree completely. what makes this worse is the fact that we have kids in our golf class. the coach is teaching them how to swing the golf club in a way that’s uncomfortable and ridiculous. the coach even says “i don’t care where the ball goes as long as you follow through.” its bulls$#% it truly is most of them don’t even hit the ball and the coach doesn’t even give a crap. its plain ridiculous. I once spoke to a man on the driving range the other day and suggested he come to your site. He explained that what the coach was having him do was uncomfortable and it felt wrong. i told him if it feels wrong don’t do it. he began afterwards to swing freely and he wasn’t hitting the best shots but he was at least getting the ball out there. He explained as well that when he’s not thinking as much he hits the ball consistently. also he was watching me hit wedges and drivers and he was amazed at how i was doing it. i simply explained that i don’t think about it at all and that i just walk up to the ball and hit it. I demonstrated just putting the club down near the ball and taking a smash. it flew straight and towards the back fence. after that he began hitting some great shots. so i agree cameron with what youre saying people not just kids need to begin to swing freely and stop worrying. but the thing is that you have to enjoy golf. you can’t just worry about improving you have to enjoy the process. i don’t even worry about improvement anymore i just go to the range, hit balls, and go to the course and have a few laughs while smacking a while ball around. its so much easier that way.

    • Cameron

      Reply Reply May 25, 2013

      Adam: these kind of teachers are the worst. They are probably frustrated players and need to leave the kids alone. I’m almost certain that this person would have tried this technical approach and failed – despite this, he teaches the same way. It’s really frustrating from where I sit.

      Kids will get bored with golf if they can’t hit good shots. Of course it matters where the ball goes – some bad shots are fine, but lots of them makes the game too hard and they walk away. This is a huge problem the game has. Many people think golf is too hard so they don’t try. And these kind of coaches don’t help.

      If you stop worrying, have more fun and play freely you’ll definitely play better. It’s a classic win-win. Sadly, many teachers still don’t understand this…

  • adam

    Reply Reply May 26, 2013

    To tell you the truth ive always played automatically. The reason my scores suck is because i havent been on the course more than six times. But i never thought about my swing i just hit the ball towards my target. Before i had heard of you i was just hitting balls in my yard and basically had a perfect strike. First time on a golf course wasnt baf. Made a few difficult putts and didnt worry. Second time scored ok. But the third time i had broken 100. Amazingly i didnt know how but i felt good about it. Golf is easy when you keep it simple. when im teling people about the golf swing i tell them its just a up and down and through motion like baseball. I say hit the ball with sn easy swing. If they do it then i tell them to practice hitting the ball. Once they get that down i would tell them to aim somewhere and hit the ball towards it. If they master that then they can play golf. Simple as that.

  • adam

    Reply Reply May 26, 2013

    Is that a good approach?

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