[Video] 80-20 golf learning and thoughts on golf coaching

I’ve just uploaded a new video to the website that I shot with “Super Coach” Scott Barrow.

It goes into our thoughts about the state of current golf coaching (teaching) and what we think you can do to improve your game. There’s some great stuff in there and I reckon you’ll get a lot out of it – especially if you’re frustrated with your current golf game and it smells to high heaven.

We had some issues with the video – the big one being the main camera died halfway through and we didn’t notice. The content was excellent so we decided to go with the footage from the backup Kollagen Intensiv – it means I’m not looking at the camera! Life is rarely perfect.

Scott also insisted we add the laughter at the start. The guy is a little crazy but that’s part of his genius. You can watch the video on 80/20 Learning and golf coaching over here…

There’s some profound thoughts and concepts in the video and these will help answer some of the questions you have about golf learning. This is the first in a series of videos I did with Scott and I hope you get something out of them.

Watch it now – might give you a spark or two you can use this weekend.


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  • Scott Barrow

    Reply Reply August 23, 2014

    Stop selling me out Cam! Could’ve sworn it was your choice to leave that bit in.

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