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I’ve been helping golfers for a while now. My blog has readers in every corner of the golfing world. I receive emails daily from golfers telling me of their problems and success.

This is great. And I’m sure if you’re reading this page you’ve sent me something along the way or been reading my stuff for a while now.

But some golfers want more. And this is why I’m now offering a video analysis of your game.

You see, what I’ve found is that you can read what I tell you to do, you can see examples of what you need to do but it doesn’t always guarantee you’ll “get it”.

The funny thing is you think you’re doing it correctly but you’re not. Your old way is still ingrained and as a result your not getting the breakthroughs you should be.

The only way for me to help you fully is to actually see what you’re doing. This way I can see exactly what you’re doing right and doing wrong.

Plus I can pick up on things that I’d never be able to do via email or phone.

I can see exactly how you walk to the ball
I can spot any flaws in how you set up to the ball
And believe it or not I can see if you’re swinging automatically and your game has flow.

I can see all this by watching you play.

But how can I watch you play?

A little while ago I had a number of golfers send me videos of them playing. This wasn’t just of them swinging the club on the driving range. What I was after was them actually playing on the course and going through the process they do when they’re out on the course.

This was important because most golfers swing the club well on the driving range. By viewing their “golf course” swing I was able to spot exactly what their major problems were. Then, and only then, were they able to make real breakthroughs with their game.

So if you’re a fan of automatic golf but you feel you’re not getting the most from it I can guarantee you’re making a few mistakes.

1. You’re not Einsteining correctly
2. You’re walking to the ball in a way that is not killing distractions but attracting them.
3. Your set up routine is clunky and not flowing correctly
4. Your swing and automatic process is not flowing – it’s not a dance
5. You’re short circuiting somewhere in the swing because you’ve lost “automatic”
6. You’ve misunderstood something and not doing it correctly
7. You’re trying too hard and getting in your own way

These are the most common problems and unless you show me what you’re doing you’ll probably never know what you’re doing wrong. You’ll continue to make the same mistake over and over again.

The only way I know to help you here is for you to send me a copy of your swing on video.

This might seem like a hassle, that getting a video together is a pain in the bum. Ten years ago it probably was. With technology the way it is there has never been an easier way. Plus, what is it worth to you to have me look over your entire golf game and give you the answers to your problems? Currently I charge up to $990 for a private lesson. This video option is going to be nowhere near that amount.

If you have absolutely no idea about shooting a video and putting it on a disk/memory stick then obviously this package is not for you. In the last year I’ve received videos from complete computer novices, guys and girls who where scared senseless about the thought of videos, computers and technology. But they managed and they all were surprised at how easy it was.

So if you’re game, and are ready for me to cast a critical eye over your game then here’s what’s involved.

Please send me a video of you playing golf. I want to see your full routine from start to finish – please don’t send me video from the driving range. And please don’t send through any epics – all I need is a short clip of you hitting a shot out on the golf course.

And feel free to send me some video of any problem situation that you have. Once you have the video please post it to me on a memory stick (I’ll tell you my address later) or we can arrange for you to email it to me. Video files are large so I’ll need to give you special instructions. Don’t worry, it’s all very simple.

Once I receive your videos I’ll play them and record my thoughts simultaneously. I go into great detail and often pause the vid and rattle on for a bit. It can also be quite confronting for some as I point out everything that I see wrong. This is the best, and maybe the only, way you’ll make significant breakthrough’s with your game. Actually seeing yourself and having all your mistakes (plus good stuff) pointed out is the quickest and easiest way to improve.

I then upload the video to a special website that can only be viewed by you. These pages are password protected and can’t be seen by the entire world (unless you share them with your friends).

My Guarantee

I always guarantee my products. For this one I have two.

#1. If you order this product and just find it too difficult to shoot a video and/or send it to me I’ll refund your coin right away. No questions asked. Or I can assist you in anyway possible to get you over the line.

#2. If you implement or try what I suggest and you don’t improve then I offer a 50% refund. I hope this sounds fair and reasonable because a lot of time goes into the recording of each video. I’m also happy to work with you closely to help you get through any sticky points.

Here’s what I’m offering

I want to give you a detailed video analysis of your game. I’ll take your recording and add my voice over the top. I’ll be stopping, pausing and rewinding over key parts of your game so you’ve got a clear understanding of each aspect. You’ll get an insider understanding of how automatic golf can work for you. I’ll also work with you via email or phone to make sure you understand the key points.

In most cases the review lasts for about 7 – 10 minutes. I don’t put a time limit on, that’s how long it usually takes to give you real value for money and provide you with some ideas and concepts that will help your game.

Here’s a sample

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Please note: Your videos will not be made public.

I’ll also be contacting you in three months time and asking you to shoot some more video so we can do a comparison. This way we can both see your progress and make sure you’re moving in the right direction. As per the first lot, I’ll be adding my comments and uploading them to your special webvpage.

In all you’ll get eight videos of your game analysed by me.

If you have any questions then please ask here.

Cost is $49

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