Ok, so this is a little strange. When I first started out I was called CameronsGolfBlog.com. Hardly going to win any awards for creativity but it got the job done.

Then I got all fancy pants I changed to CameronStrachan.com. I spent a bit of money getting that site tarted up and humming along. I wished I had kept that site because it ranked really well and it was built on a solid platform. Never mind.

In 2010 I was part of a small business group and the head mentor was adamant that the domain name should have “golf” in it. I wasn’t so sure, but he kept at me to make a change. His reasoning was if I ever wanted to sell the site, CameronStrachan.com wasn’t very good. It was more about me and not really a brand. The thing he missed out on was this golf site is my passion and I’m not in it to sell. I’m here for the long haul and I love writing about golf, learning and performance.

I made the mistake of not listening to my gut and letting a so called expert influence me. Not a good idea.

So I went searching for a name. And this is not an easy thing to do as golf is a competitive market and all the good names are taken. I could have registered a name with .co, . net, .info etc. But this wasn’t good enough for the biz mentor – he would only take a .com as satisfactory. So I searched and searched and eventually settled on GolfGooRoo. I’m not a huge fan of it but settled on it because a decision needed to be made.

It’s sorta one of those clever website names (although not overly clever) and my idea was all the o’s would make for a good logo (golf balls) and the “roo” part maybe something to do with a kangaroo (because I’m an Aussie). The logo never turned out that way but I think the logo is fine.

I believe we’re all Guru’s of some sort – that the talent, skill and ability to play better lives inside us. It’s just a matter of letting it out. I don’t see myself as any type of special guru (or gooroo) but hope this website helps you find your A-game. I’m not sure where GolfGooRoo will end up but if nothing else it has been an interesting journey to this point.

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