Why it’s hard to fix your golf swing

I was intrigued with a segment on a popular golf TV show this week.

The bulk of the show was highlighting the new club fitting facility at the Melbourne Golf Academy. The set-up is run by Taylor Made Golf and it certainly looked impressive.

They have a complete set of motion detection cameras which pick up every millimeter of your swing. From here they are able to recommend a set of TM clubs that match your build, swing and talent.

Back in 2004 I was part of a testing protocol that was the first to do a full body, 3D analysis of the golf swing. From the looks of it, Taylor Made have improved the technology and the ease of testing by a long way.

If you’re in Melbourne and keen to see your golf swing in great detail then it might be worth checking out. Certainly would be interesting.

What intrigued me was when the chief tester said,

There is virtually no difference between your good and bad golf swings.

Despite the latest technology and every conceivable camera angle, the technology can’t pick out any differences in your swing.

This may explain why the typical video lesson with your pro doesn’t always work so well. It’s very hard to distinguish between your good and bad. Everything looks the same and just maybe the pro starts to find things that aren’t there.

This is one of the main reasons why automatic golf is so important. It bypasses technology and human analysis and hands the reigns to your subconscious. This is the only way to get into the intricate level of learning and unlock the mystery of the improvement process.

Technology will always have a place but eventually it’s up to you to strike the ball. Golf will always reward the uncluttered player over those with the “best” clubs and the “most” information. It’s what makes it such a great game.

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  • Lukey

    Reply Reply July 21, 2012

    The comment I find here that is interesting is that the difference between the bad swing and the good swing was barely noticeable and back in the day when I was the analytical one I would have swore that it was heaps different.
    Cheers Lukey

    • Cameron

      Reply Reply July 21, 2012

      Lukey: Yep, you probably don’t have any idea what the difference is. What I think we tend to do is make stuff up – stories if you will. From here anything can, and does, happen.

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