Back in the day I got involved with some really smart scientist dudes. These guys we biomechanists and they had a love of digging deep into athletic performance. They had done some amazing research on cricket and when I turned up they were pumped about looking into the golf swing.

These guys were serious geeks – they lived and breathed data and they weren’t much fun to go drinking with – I think they were too busy anyway. The upshot of the whole golf swing thing (from my perspective anyway) was the golf swing is incredibly complicated.

How we hit a golf ball, let alone get the thing to go straight is really quite amazing. The co-ordination and timing required to be successful definitely pushes human limits. Maybe why so many struggle with this skill.

Putting is a different story. Putting is easy. Compared to the full swing, putting is kindergarden stuff. If you’re not a good putter then you’re doing something seriously wrong. There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be a very good putter (my definition of “very good” is someone who can regularly have 30 putts or less per round). You don’t need any special talent. You don’t need strength. There’s no a lot of co-ordination required. Age is no barrier. Seriously, there’s no excuse for not mastering this part of the game. None.

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