How to play your best golf under pressure

How to play better golf under pressure. Here’s a ripper little strategy for getting more from your golf game when the pressure is on…

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How finding the love of your life can help your golf game

Do you want to play better golf? Most golfers that write to me do but the vast majority don’t know how to do it. First of all let’s define what better golf is. My simple version is being able to play good golf out on the golf course. For most golfers this will be hitting…

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Playing your best golf under pressure

Dear golfer, Pennant golf started in Melbourne yesterday. Pennant golf consists of playing a golfer of similar standard in match play over a neutral course. For amateur golfers it’s a rare chance to experience team golf, have a caddy and play in front of a (small) crowd. The pressure is intense. Ryder Cup players say…

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