walking-with-koda.001Walking With Koda hit me when I saw something similar from an Aussie web whiz. It looked like a brilliant way to share a daily lesson while at the same time getting some exercise and walking the hound. I certainly need the exercise if my huffing and puffing is anything to go by.

I’m not sure Koda is all that impressed – he feels neglected because instead of talking to him I’m now busy recording my thoughts into my iPhone.

Walking With Koda is going to be a daily podcast with a simple thought, idea or insight into the golf improvement process. There might be some other golf related ideas but we’ll see where it goes. I figure that a daily podcast will push me and keep me disciplined. It’s what motivates me and helps me to keep improving as a coach. One thing that I’ve found is that coaching others and sharing ideas really helps my own game. So WWK is as much about me as it is about helping you.

The podcasts are going to be short and sharp, ideal for a quick listen and to get you thinking about your game. And just maybe WWK will inspire you to get outside and play golf your way. It’s all about swinging the sticks at the end of the day.

To see all of my golf podcasts check out this page.

Update: I did 100 of these Podcasts in a row. I’m now longer doing them but if you click the link above you’ll get access to a fantastic golf learning resource.

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