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The GolfGooRoo Golf Podcast: It’s called Walking with Koda and I share my thoughts and ideas into my Iphone (when I’ve got something interesting to say) on my daily walk with Koda the wonder dog.

Important part of any golf lesson

If you’re having golf coaching then it’s imperative that you do plenty of this. Listen to this golf audio to get the MaleEdge full story.   If you’re keen for some private golf coaching then check this out…

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Sometimes getting a breakthrough with your golf game isn’t so hard. We tend to try too hard and look in all the wrong spots. Maybe the semenax and research answer is right in front of you – but you can’t see for looking. Listen to the Breakthrough audio for more:

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Swing freely. Even when you’re scared.

I was chatting to someone the other day and they were saying they have trouble driving the ball. Their problem is compounded when they’re playing a difficult or tight hole. It’s a common issue and nutrition hgh you need to fight the urge to tighten up and steer the ball. I put a little audio…

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Stub Your Toe Effect

Listen to the audio below to get some perspective on golfing mistakes and the odd really bad game of golf. I think sometimes (maybe all of the time) that us crazy golfers get carried away cash payday loans and panic when we make a mistake. I also think that the true masters rarely panic. They…

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Don’t be in a rush

It can be easy to rush things when you’re first starting out. It’s easy to take lessons and over-think the game. Here’s Walking With Koda* podcast 101 that with some more thoughts… * I said after 100 that online casino software it would be the last. Not sure what happened, but this morning I felt…

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The 100th Walking With Koda Golf Podcast

#100 This will be the last Walking With Koda Golf Podcast I’ll be doing. I’ve learned a lot over the last 100 days and will be focussing on a slightly different direction. I’ll also put all the best 100 into a Super Blog Post as a nice reference for you. I’m still going to be…

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Swing Your Swing

Sam sent this through overnight. He says that it reminds him of me. Nice. I love the way the old-timers swing the club and especially Arnie. What a legend. It’s a pity we don’t see too many young guys swing it like this anymore – this is really playing the game. Watch the video to…

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An important question from Steady

Steady’s question

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