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He could be the slowest golfer I’ve seen

I spent much of last week at a junior golf tournament. For the most part, these kids played free from distraction and let their talent shine through. There was no such thing as too much golf and they certainly weren’t about to let fear ruin their fun. They played the game and I was honestly…

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The writer’s secret

golf and writing

Great writers write first and edit later. The poor ones think too much and keep getting writer’s block. And it’s hard to keep writing when you know there’s an odd spelling mistake or some other issue. But the writer keeps on trucking. They write. And edit later. I’ll be forever grateful to my mentor for…

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The biggest problems with traditional golf coaching

Here’s an interesting conversation I had with Evan on the main problems with traditional golf coaching. This happened a few years back but the message is still relevant. Evan: So what are the biggest problems with traditional golf coaching? Cameron: How long have you got? Here’s one of the most serious issues I see. Almost…

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The Great Golf Hoax

Is that you need a perfect golf swing to play great golf. But it’s rubbish. The golf swing is only part of the game. If you believe in this hoax you’ll make golf way harder than it needs to be. In fact, and this is totally counter-intuitive, when you stop stressing about your mistakes and…

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Boring golf?

A key to mastering your golf is staying in the game and enjoying the process during the uneventful (one could say the boring) parts. There’s not always going to be birdie putts and long drives. Sometimes you’ve got to chip from the rough or take a penalty drop. Other times, you’re looking at simply progressing…

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Trusting your golf swing

Golfers everywhere are looking for the inner belief that they are going to make a good shot. This inner belief is what leads to confidence and ultimately better scores – so it’s worth exploring this concept further. It is a magical feeling when you’re over a shot and you know with every fibre of your…

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It’s OK to be hungry

I’ve lost 6 kilos in 3 weeks. And I’m not on a diet. Instead, I decided I needed to get serious and change the way I thought about food. I’ve slowed down. I try not to gorge myself and I try harder to saviour each bite. From here I discovered how awful sugar is. So…

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This Young Guy Has Them Confused

Please watch the video below. It only goes for a few minutes and it highlights the huge learning potential that’s available to us. Despite almost all other golfers gripping the club “conventionally” Patrick Welch uses a left hand low one. If you actually just watched his swing (the entire swing as a whole) and don’t…

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