This Young Guy Has Them Confused

Please watch the video below. It only goes for a few minutes and it highlights the huge learning potential that’s available to us.

Despite almost all other golfers gripping the club “conventionally” Patrick Welch uses a left hand low one. If you actually just watched his swing (the entire swing as a whole) and don’t listen to the annoying host (who I honestly think was just dying to get him to change grips. He seemed so confused and uncomfortable with the young man’s grip. ) it’s hard to see anything other than just a great, free flowing swing.

Over the years I’ve been lucky to coach some young kids. And quite frequently they adopt a similar grip and I think it’s great. When kids start playing golf it’s important for them to swing the club fast and learn to hit the ball in the air. And to be honest, it doesn’t matter how they grip the club.


Because their grip will evolve over time naturally. Maybe a young kid will adopt a more traditional grip down the track (this is most likely because parents and golf teachers will practically force them to change) or maybe they won’t. Young Patrick has proven one can reach a very good level (I should say excellent) with his own unique style. And this should be encouraged. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this grip and the sky is the limit for him.

It’s a pity that most of the ignorant and technically minded will want him to change. But I hope he doesn’t. He should just keep playing his way and keeping things as simple as possible (which his answers suggest he is doing). Go for it young man!

One more thing: Those obsessed with golf technique will most likely say something like,

“He should change his grip because nobody has reached a high level of play this way. He simply won’t be able to match power and swing speed with all those other top pros out there”.

I have a different opinion. Just maybe this grip is what has allowed him to reach such a high level so far. And maybe this is the style that will help him go even further. Perhaps, somewhere deep in his makeup, this grip is what makes his golf swing work. Yep, he could change it to conform to the status quo (and make those golf instructors happy) but then he could lose the magic. Changing something so unique to him is asking for trouble in my opinion.

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