It’s OK to be hungry

I’ve lost 6 kilos in 3 weeks. And I’m not on a diet. Instead, I decided I needed to get serious and change the way I thought about food.

I’ve slowed down. I try not to gorge myself and I try harder to saviour each bite.

From here I discovered how awful sugar is. So I’ve cut this out completely (well almost, because it’s in everything)

And because I wanted to bring my A game (both on and off the course) I decided to cut right back on alcohol. This has been tougher but worthwhile.

I’m working more efficiently and getting more done with less effort and strain. And I’ve even started hitting golf balls each day which has been great.

So I’m losing weight without the normal sort of exercise regimes and I’m feeling so much better. Way better.

One thing that has struck a chord with me is that it’s ok to be hungry.

Take this morning. I had a 9.00am client booked but he turned up early. So I missed breakfast.

And immediately my Pesky brain was all over me …

“You’re going to be hungry”
“You can’t function without food”
“You’ll need to stop and eat”
But I ignored Pesky and decided to embrace the hunger. I felt my tummy rumble and I got distracted a few times.

But I didn’t panic. I accepted things as they were and moved on.

And the hunger disappeared.

Before I knew it the morning was gone at it was 12.15pm  and I wasn’t even that hungry.

There’s a golf connection too…

It’s OK to feel nervous. But there’s no need to panic. You should embrace the nerves and move on. By all means, acknowledge how you’re feeling but don’t pour fuel on the fire. Let things be and keep going. Focus on that next shot and play the game. I can guarantee the nervousness will disappear too.

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