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It wasn’t that long ago when I used to struggle with my golf swing. My game was erratic, onepowerstoolproduct2 shot would be long and straight down the middle … the next somewhere in the trees or much worse.

This was extremely frustrating. Worse still, it made no sense because each swing felt the same but the results couldn’t have been more extreme.

Take a minute and view the video of The Power Stool in action:

To be honest I didn’t know what to do … I tried everything that I could think of, I had lessons, read golf magazines & instructional books. But nothing helped…at least not consistently. Sometimes things would work but invariably I would revert back to the horrible and inconsistent golf game that was so familiar.

The harder I tried the worse things would become. By the end of a round my swing was powerless, tight and feeling ugly. I had no confidence and I felt like giving up.

But I’m persistent…I hate quitting. So despite the frustrations I kept searching.

Lucky for me I met with some scientists and they helped me understand the golf swing better. The one thing that I learned that has helped me the most is that…

…the body does not produce power in the golf stroke … but rather the arms are the major power source…

This might seem radical and different from conventional instruction. I’m sure you’ve been told about big muscle theory or body pivot. Most golfers have, but unfortunately over using your body is the major reason for slicing and having limited power. Science has proven it!

There’s an easier way…

When you learn to stabilise your body and use your arms you can then generate some real speed (and power). This is the secret behind hitting those incredible shots that feel ‘easy’ but fly off the club face with amazing power.

I’m sure you’ve experienced it before. You know? Say when you’ve had a restricted back swing under a tree and you’ve tried to chip it down the fairway. Have you ever been surprised at how far the ball went?

Or what about when you’ve taken a nice and easy swing from the fairway and nailed the ball over the green? It happens all the time but golfers don’t understand how it happens.

Would you like to know how to do this more of the time?

Finding that magic sweet swing that gives you extra power with less effort

These swings, and subsequent amazing shots, are what make the game fun. The problem is that usually it is not as easy as just swinging more with your arms or taking your body out of the shot. Unfortunately that rarely works either…you need some gentle persuasion.

Learning a better and more efficient swing takes some work. Golfers literally need to be forced to swing correctly. This also doesn’t mean that you are forced to swing in a way that is uncomfortable and restrictive…you have to be allowed to still swing naturally and comfortably.

So it’s a fine line…and one reason golf improvement can be difficult.

Earlier this year I was thinking about how I could train people to get the ‘feel’ of this less body and more arms swing. I wanted to do it in a way that gave them the correct swing without them feeling they had a straight jacket on.

Then it hit me…

The Power Stool…A better golf swing sitting down

To be honest I’ve seen and heard of this type of training aid before. But what I had in mind was different. You see, I got the stool engineered professionally and designed so that it would literally force a golfer to swing correctly while still retaining their unique characteristics.

It is the perfect win-win situation for a golfer looking for a more powerful and consistent swing. It gives you the ‘secret’ feeling the experts have but without destroying your game in the process.

This Power Stool will make sure you;

  • Take the club away with your hands and arms…this is the perfect sequencing outlined by science. Get the start of the golf swing correct and you maximise your chances of being successful later on.
  • Achieve a shorter back swing but be in a position to achieve the most power possible. This is like having a mechanical advantage. A short and simple swing but with maximum power. If you’ve ever wondered how pros can hit the ball so far with such a short swing this is it!
  • Achieve the right amount of hip turn and shoulder turn. This helps to reduce tension and strain that is common with ‘over turning’. You’ll get into the most efficient position with the minimum of fuss.
  • Have a slight bending of your left arm. You can’t help it…it just happens. This bending gives you another unfair advantage. Enabling you to start the club down with increased power and speed. The scientists called it ‘reducing the moment of inertia’ and it is an unknown secret of producing power.
  • Stabilise your body early into the downswing. This is the holy grail of golf. If you can learn to do this you MUST increase power and hit the ball straighter. All good players do this, but most aren’t aware of it.
  • Allow the arms and hands to work correctly. The golf swing is a throwing motion and the Power Stool encourages this motion. The faster you can move your arms, the further you can hit the ball…it’s very simple but can be difficult to learn without the right instruction.

The Power Stool in action

The best thing about the Power Stool is that is mimics the perfect golf swing as close as humanly possible. You should start learning the right swing from the first attempt. The more you use it the better your swing will become. It’s that simple.

What I have found is that you can make a handful of seated swings followed by some standing up and you’ll make the fastest progress.

The Power Stool is ideal for training your swing at home. You can train your swing in the privacy of your home…learning the correct motion and the right feel. Then you’re able to take that swing to the course the next time you play.

It really is that easy…

When you get comfortable with the Power Stool you can hit some shots with it. It works great with the driver. My game and ball striking went to a new level when I learned to hit the ball from the Power Stool.

One time I was invited to enter a long drive competition and surprised everyone (including myself) when I blasted the ball 287 metres right down the middle sitting down!

Imagine being able to out hit your mates while seated? They wouldn’t believe it. The funny thing is the harder they try to hit the ball the worse they’ll get…your easy and simple motion will get it past them every time… you’ll drive them crazy!

Here’s what you get:

One Power Stool (brand new design): it has been designed and engineered to help you produce more power and a better golf swing. It allows you to learn a golf swing that can produce the most amount of power with the least amount of effort. A real mechanical advantage.

The unique swivel stool allows you to mimic your address position…this is for comfort and also ensures you learn quickly. The Power Stool also forces your body into the correct positions. You can’t over rotate or spin your body.

So you can’t lunge, reverse pivot or slide into the ball … These are sure swing wreckers and will be a thing of the past.


Any golfer: whether you’re short, tall, light or heavy can use it. It works for both left and right handers also.

I’ve also produced a user guide. The manual walks you through the exact method for learning the drills and getting the most out of the stool.

How much is a longer and straighter game worth to you?

There are plenty of products on the market that promise a longer and more powerful golf game. I don’t believe they offer everything that the Power Stool can;

  1. A better swing that gives you a mechanical advantage
  2. Improves your natural swing
  3. Less strain and injury
  4. Use it at home
  5. Use with or without a golf ball
  6. Fast learning time
  7. Easy to use – no assembly or batteries needed
  8. User friendly guide
  9. Money back guarantee

For a limited time you can own you own Power Stool for $147* (*plus postage and GST where applicable)

Here’s how to order

You can place your order online 24/7 by clicking here. This is a safe and secure connection. You can use your credit card or your Pay Pal account. I accept Visa, Mastercard or BankCard

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If you don’t like ordering over the Internet then you can place an order over the phone. Please give me a call during business hours on (03) 9815 1878 and be sure to have your credit card details handy. If you don’t have a credit card let me know and I’ll give you instructions for paying by cheque or money order.

If you have any further questions on the Power Stool or how it can improve your golf game please let me know.

Good golfing,

Cameron Strachan

Price: $147

*+GST and postage

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