4 ways to fix your golf swing

fix your golf swing

Ever since being involved in a major biomechancal study into the golf swing and creating a simpler (but) accurate swing model, I’ve spent many hours perfecting the coaching process. One of the highlights of the study was getting to hang out with really smart sport scientists. They were complete geeks and when I got them…

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The problem with trying to fix your golf swing

To get the full back story about this golf lesson, head over to this post that I wrote earlier in 2013. Richard really is one of the best golfers I’ve played with. He plays quickly Doesn’t stuff about in any shape or form Doesn’t take himself too seriously Is always good for a laugh Can…

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A tough, but ultimately easier, way to fix your golf swing

The other day I wrote about my experience of playing with some great coaches. I’ve received some great feedback from those guys and Scotty reminded me of another, more profound, incident. As mentioned, Scott doesn’t play a lot of golf. He is a once or twice a year golfer at best – this is not…

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