2 key chipping fundamentals (video)

I’ve been saying for ages that chipping is one of the worst skills in golf. Only bunker play, in my opinion, ranks worse.

And there’s really no reason why your chipping should be so poor – the skill is quite easy. It requires far less skill and power than say a 265 metre drive. And the best thing, if you can improve your chipping by just a bit, your scores will definitely come down. Long driving doesn’t guarantee any lowering of your score – it’s more ego based that’s for sure.

The two critical elements for a better chipping game are,

1. Place the ball back in your stance – this ensures you hit the ball first.

2. Keep your hands forward – this gives you clean and crisp contact.

The problem is that telling someone these basic elements is rarely enough for them to be implemented. Over time, we tend to creep back to what feels comfortable. And experience tells me that a ball placed back in the stance is rarely that comfortable. For most, it’s downright awkward.

Late last year I dreamed up a little device that assists in learning to chip the ball better. My brother had a sample within a few days and the testing proved to be successful. In fact, it was so successful, my chipping tool was snapped up by an investment company. It works a treat and helps give you the correct feel of a crisp and clean chip shot.

The device is now available for sale and the guys selling it are offering a special offer. Check out the video below for more info on what is now known as the ChipMaster Pro.


If you’re interested in getting a ChipMaster Pro then click here.

[high_impact_btn_order_now link=”http://www.golfonic.com/short-game-learning-system/” + target=”_self”] [/high_impact_btn_order_now]

P.S. I should add that the ChipMaster Pro doesn’t bog you down with too much technique. It works well because it’s an objective based learning tool – making improvement fast, without confusion.

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  • Cam280

    Reply Reply November 29, 2012

    G’day, cool idea Cam, I once visioned something similar, however I was looking at a larger scale, and it was going to sit on a swivel ball joint so I could lock in all angles, I was going to call it the Ultimate Fairway and flog it off to driving ranges.

  • James Smith

    Reply Reply November 29, 2012

    Used to be I would chip with an 8 iron, but now I use a sand wedge and give it a little pop.

  • Lukey

    Reply Reply November 30, 2012

    Isn’t it amazing I always thought I had the ball right back in my stance until I watched this video and realized I in fact I did not, so I went out and had half a dozen holes today and did all my chipping well back in my stance and all of a sudden I was chipping with great authority.So this post has really made a difference already.
    Cheers Lukey

    • Cameron

      Reply Reply November 30, 2012

      Imagine how good you’d be if you got a ChipMaster Pro? 🙂

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