One thing I get asked over and over is,

How do I fix my golf swing?

So instead of repeating myself I decided to put together a short, but powerful, report that gets to the heart of golf swing improvement. I’ve put down the 5 key things you need to focus on to improve your golf swing. The first four are pretty basic and can be achieved quickly.

The 5th tip requires a shift in mindset and understanding. But it’s so important and unfortunately I doubt you’ve ever heard of it before. I haven’t seen anyone in the golf industry talk about it and it’s the scientific secret to hitting the ball straight and long. Get this right and you can almost forget about any other fundamental – it’s that important.

Enough of me banging on. Here’s how to get it.

Shoot me through an email to golfhelpdesk*AT* and put “golf swing” in the subject line. For a hard-copy version please include your postal details.

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