A definition of playing golf

I’ve arrived in Ayr, Scotland today and will be playing Troon and Turnberry tomorrow. Tonight I experienced a learning situation that could rival anything I encounter on those two great courses.

After a great dinner I wandered over to the local golf course with a nine-iron and a few balls. It was about 9pm and with plenty of light left I got 100% lost in the moment. I was playing golf.

Hitting chip and runs.
Playing high lob shots.
Escaping from sand.
Smashing low burning bullet drives.

There was no thought on score or even results. I saw a shot in my mind’s eye and the tried to hit it. I was playing golf.

I have completely forgot how much fun this is. I haven’t done this kind of thing for ages – regrettably so. There’s no ego or attempt for perfection. I was playing the game, feeling the shots, smelling the air and learning along the way. It was fabulous. The post dinner interlude has got the juices flowing for tomorrow. I can hardly wait.

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  • Gregor

    Reply Reply August 4, 2011

    didn’t realise you were over again ! Hope you enjoy your golf. The greens at Troon are great just now and the course is in fantastic condition. Let me know if you will be about. Be good to meet up again and play a few holes.

    • Cameron

      Reply Reply August 5, 2011

      Hi Gregor, played yesterday at both courses. Troon was way better (and tougher) than I remembered and Turnberry was awesome. Had a fantastic day.

      I’m off to Dornoch this morning but may have some time next week. I will send you an email with my phone details. (I did send some emails to you but don’t think they got through 🙂 )

  • Steady

    Reply Reply August 5, 2011

    Hi Strachs,
    Luckey was up from Tassie this week. We got to play twice and had a ball. If anyone get the chance to play with him do so because plays a very natural free flowing game.
    All the best Steady.

  • Cameron

    Reply Reply August 5, 2011

    Glad you guys had a great day. I missed Lukey by a couple of days unfortunately.

  • Andrew

    Reply Reply August 5, 2011

    Very envious Golf in Scotland.

    I have been working on my putting lately and watched a video with Ben Crenshaw where he said his putting stance was slightly open so I tried and it worked great for me, my swing felt more free and alignment was easier. I had been so caught up in everything being lined up perfectly and square that I hadn’t even tried opening my stance> My point is and Cameron always says this we get caught up in trying to get everything correct we don’t even play around and try different things to see what works best for us. Also Ben Crenshaw one of the best putters has an open stance and Bobby Locke also considered one of the best putters had a closed stance. ie there is no correct only what works best for each person. It is a continual battle to break out of the trying to be correct vs what works best through trial and error eg play.


  • Lukey

    Reply Reply August 9, 2011

    Hi all
    I am finally back off holidays so I will resume with comment and start by thanking Steady for his very nice comments but also add that I too enjoyed our games together very much and it was great to be able to ask so many questions on auto golf.It is such a pleasure to be able to play with a like minded golfer because the pleasure of playing golf is just that much better.Once again thanks Steady and I look forward to putting in my two bob’s worth from here in.
    Cheers Lukey

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