A different mindset for better golf

Golf always gives you a next shot. You can hit a terrible shot over the fence or have a shocker of a day and console yourself with the fact there is always the next shot or the next round.

But the problem with this is you can fall into some poor thinking. Because you get another go you might not be giving the shot at hand your best effort. You’re not really getting into the ideal mindset for mastering your game.

A better mindset is,

How would I approach this shot if it was the last one I was ever going to hit?

Would you;

  • Worry about the water?
  • Be concerned about your swing?
  • Panic about missing your target?

Absolutely not. This mindset changes the game. You’ve got nothing to fall back on and you’re attention is snapped back into the moment. And this is exactly where your mind needs to be.

Stop thinking “next” and focus on “last”.

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