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I received this email this morning. It’s a great story and has made my day 🙂


Dear Cameron,

Well it finally happened for Barry (the better half).

He plays off a handicap of 12 and has joined a group of 12 guys who play a mini team match play comp amongst themselves within the main men’s competition. This has not really done much for his golf. As one of the lower handicaps he is so busy mentally carrying his partner and trying to beat the opposition team he forgot to play golf. It seemed like a good idea at the time but every Wednesday he came home tense, frustrated and down cash. We had a long chat and I pointed out that ultimately if he played his game well it wouldn’t matter. When he came home last Wednesday he was jumping out of his skin. I was almost too afraid to ask.

“He played golf” he was so in the moment he couldn’t even describe the shots that made up the game. He hit 10 under his handicap, his best ever score and had what he called “a zen game”. His playing partner and opposition were in awe. He told me he automated his game all around the course and it just happened. We appreciate the words of wisdom from you.

My Comments:

This is fantastic! Well done Barry. Amazing things can happen when we let go of ourselves and “play golf”. 10 under your handicap is a remarkable score!

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Good golfing,

Cameron Strachan

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