A random putting lesson

A random putting lesson during construction of the Golfgooroo new office.

Here’s a pic of my “new” old putter:

Cameron's old putter

Cameron’s old putter

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  • Adam

    Reply Reply July 14, 2013

    You either have the talent to play good golf or you dont. I certainly dont.

  • Michael murphy

    Reply Reply July 15, 2013

    Adam, tiger woods and the likes, even Cameron were not born with some god-given talent for golf. It took them years of doing the right type of practice. You can read about it in a book called the talent code by Daniel coyle. Getting good at anything is a process, not an event. We all have bad rounds, that’s golf! Find what you enjoy about golf and keep playing the game and you never know, you may get good at the game!

  • Adam

    Reply Reply July 15, 2013

    Im just planning on making a career out of golf haven broken 90 yet though ive only been on the course 7 times in my life. Thats part of the problem I have basically little time to practice our get on the course. I just hope i get better within two years.

  • Adam

    Reply Reply July 15, 2013

    I actually broke 100 third time ever on the course. Seems impossible. Just recently got close to breaking 90. How long will it take to break 70?

  • Cam280

    Reply Reply July 15, 2013

    Forget the score, just find the shortest route around the course!

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