Almost Golf Balls – an amazing learning tool

Introducing The Best Golf Training Tool For Serious Golfers: The Almost Golf Ball

I don’t recommend many products on my site. Mostly because I wouldn’t use them myself – so if they’re not good enough for me I’m not going to force them onto you. Most weeks somebody somewhere is trying to peddle me something that is either BS, a gimmick or just plain rubbish. You’d be surprised what some people are trying to sell.

Today I want to show you what I think might be the best golf learning tool I’ve seen. At least, it’s the best practice aid I can recall.

Almost Golf Balls are practice golf balls for home. While you can use them for all shots, they are absolutely ideal for working on the short game. What separates them from other practice balls is their likeness to hitting real golf balls. The ball flight, sound and feel is all very similar to the real deal.

I don’t know how they’ve done it but I’ve been mighty impressed. Spent most of this weekend chipping and pitching in the backyard and I still can’t believe how good these things are. I recommend them highly.

And the best thing?

They are completely safe. They won’t break windows or damage your surroundings. I’ve even tested them inside and I haven’t been able to do any damage. I’ve put together a short video to give you the full story.

So if you’re looking for an easy, safe and effective way to practice your short game from home, the Almost Golf Ball is it. There’s now no excuse for neglecting this important part of your game. This ball really does make short game practice easy and lots of fun.

By the way, you can use them for all golf shots without a problem. They’re actually great for a home set-up with a net and a mat. This way you can get in some much needed practice without the worry what normal balls will do if you happen to have a shocker.

Until now, these practice golf balls have been difficult to get here in Australia. You can get them from me by clicking the link below.

Why I love these Almost Golf Balls;

  • Make it really easy to practice from home (no excuses now)
  • They behave like a real ball, giving you accurate feedback and results. With the short shots they fly almost exactly like a real ball.
  • They are used and recommended by Dave Pelz. If Pelz thinks these are a good thing then you’d be nuts not to get some.
  • Cost effective. They are as cheap as chips.
  • Long lasting. I’ve been whacking them at home in my net and they’ve got a good lifespan. They do wear out eventually, but my dog usually eats them before they need replacing.
  • Fun. Can try all sorts of crazy shots with them. My new favourite shot is from the front yard, over the car, then the house and try and land it next to the clothes line.
  • Super safe. They don’t cause any damage to property or people.
  • Ideal to take to the park for a casual hit. You should use a mat so you don’t dig up the local footy field.
  • Fantastic to teach juniors and beginners with. Much easier to get them airborne and they’re not as intimidating as a normal golf ball.
  • Update: I’ve been using these balls for over 5 years now and they’re still totally awesome!!!

Order Almost Golf Balls now – (options available on next page)

Almost Golf Balls (sample picture only)


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  • Jonathan S. Bushnell

    Reply Reply June 8, 2011

    Sounds good; how can I order a box of 10 ? I’m on the Gold Coast.
    Cheers; J.

    • Cameron

      Reply Reply June 8, 2011

      Thanks for your order Johnathon, product will ship tomorrow.

  • Jonathan S. Bushnell

    Reply Reply July 2, 2011

    Thanks for the balls Cameron; they are excellent to use as prac. I will order another set in a few days.

    • Cameron

      Reply Reply July 2, 2011

      No probs Jonathan – now my hand is coming good I’ll be shooting some vids on how great these balls really are. Absolutely fantastic for practice from home and for the short game.

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