Why do I need to purchase your book when you give so much away free?

The question sort of took me by surprise – hadn’t noticed how much content I’ve been churning out lately.

Firstly, there’s no pressure to buy anything. Secondly, I’m also going to keep writing my thoughts and sharing golf lessons with you – and most of this will be free (I say “most” because I’m working on some new stuff and I might charge for it 🙂 ). I enjoy writing and helping others too much to stop it. When I lost the plot last year I realised my writing was aimed too much at pleasing search engines (and other crazy thoughts) and not the direction I wanted to go. Not any more.

But it’s a good question and here’s my answer to it after some reflection (the beer helped).

This blog contains almost 500,000 words on the golf improvement process. In here, are all of my ideas, thoughts, lessons and insight. I reckon I have pretty much spelt it out in full detail. If you’ve got the time and patience you could waddle your way through. But finding what you’re looking for would be a nightmare – you’d have to read every post, print it out and compare. You’d be riding shot gun with some of the earlier work (it’s a never ending improvement battle) so there’s no guarantee you’d get what you really want.

My book contains the precise Automatic Golf procedure. There’s no messing around and you get everything you need in the one place and the one time. It’s a perfect resource to help get you out of a rut and playing your best golf. And this luxury is worth paying for.

And there’s another important point: All of my best success stories and case studies come from those that have read the book. It gives you great insight and meaning into what I keep banging on about. The collective content opens up your understanding and highlights the issues confronting us golfers. Importantly, there’s a road-map that guides you from primary school, through high school and university and then into your working life – it’s then that the fun and games really begin. When you’ve battled your way through some ups and down with automatic golf you’re ready to make some progress. So my book (and the supporting content) prepares you for this.

Another important point: I believe that The Golfer’s Nightmare will help you get more from the FREE articles published here. Things will start making more sense as your understanding and learning builds. From here your confidence will grow and you’ll feel a part of the community that is developing.

Again, there’s no pressure to buy anything – that is not what I’m about. I think the nature of blog writing and publishing makes it difficult to convey a message in full. For you to get the most bang for your buck sometimes you need to spend a little and get a concentration of information delivered at the right pace and time. A book does this perfectly.

If you’ve come this far and are sick and tired of poor golf then check out my book. It comes with supporting videos and bonus content and it’s an unbelievable price for the amount of premium content you get.

Click the link to order a copy today.


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