An insight into the perfect mindset

It’s not always about shooting a great score. Sometimes playing with freedom, fun and without stress makes the game worthwhile. This reader understands the magic of a perfect mindset;

For the past few weeks I’ve tried your techniques, including in a few tournament rounds and really enjoy it. I can’t say I am taking fewer putts per round but I’m not taking more. I am certainly taking less time to putt and it’s less stressful. I really enjoy the process of reading the putt, committing to a line then getting over the ball and making my natural stroke. No practice strokes, no worrying about line or speed, just letting my feel take over. My goal is to commit and hit – listen to my inner voice that says this one should be hit harder or softer or higher or lower. When I do that I am hitting and making some nice putts. When I don’t, the quality of my putt is not as good, so I have become much more aware of what it feels like to let go and trust it.

Thanks for the great ideas.

When you can play good golf without having to stress, taking lots of time but still have a great time, why would you want to play any other way? It sure beats the alternative.

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