An interesting human trait

golfers-waterI was listening to a business expert talk the other day. He made an interesting observation about being successful in business. His message definitely relates to learning golf and touches on a human trait that stagnates performance. Here’s what he said.

When you find something that works in your business keep doing it. I have found though that humans let ego and self-doubt get in the way. Just when they have an opportunity to take a giant step – they change. They stop doing what works or credit the success to something else. This is crazy and makes no sense.

I received an email over the weekend. The author was interested to know when he could forget about the automatic process. I know his question was made in good faith and was harmless enough, but it is a common mindset that needs comment.

I for one will never change my approach. I have tried every golf tip, quick-fix and had too many lessons to remember. The golf merry-go-round never worked for me and I’m so glad that I’m off it. Automatic golf has transformed my game. It has given me;

  • A consistent game that still continues to improve
  • A level of mastery I never thought I could achieve
  • A sense of confidence that makes golf more fun
  • A strategy to deal with pressure
  • Removed the doubt and confusion

So my best advice for anyone looking to play automatically? It is a continual process. You will never be good enough to stop doing it. So don’t.

As I write I’m reminded of a comment I heard from a golf pro. The old pro was teaching a stubborn client. The client was resisting everything the teacher was giving him and probably in a vein of frustration the pro said,

You are not special. Just do the bloody drill!

We’d all like to think we’re special and in our own way we all probably are. But when it comes to hitting a little white ball at high speed, the absolute best and easiest way is with a persistent automatic golf swing. Don’t change and please stop looking for another solution. Trusting your automatic game is all you’ll ever need for real success.

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  • Tony Lucas (Lukey)

    Reply Reply December 22, 2009

    You are so very right and it goes to remind me of that saying DONT FIX IT IF IT AINT BROKE
    Cheers Lukey

  • Steady

    Reply Reply December 22, 2009

    Hi Cam,
    gotta say that humans love to tweek stuff. Including golf swings.
    Cheers Steady

  • Grayden Provis

    Reply Reply December 22, 2009

    Sheesh, these people who are always looking to beat the system……I don’t know. Very good post. Can’t argue with that. Thanks Cameron.

  • Steady

    Reply Reply December 22, 2009

    Hi Cam,
    gotta reply after your email. Just to fill other folks in the dilemma I had today. In my last 3 rounds I shot 79 78 and 79. The one thing that has struck me over the last 2 to 3 years of playing auto golf is you can try to hard, revert back to old habits, tell stories and try to add to your skills.
    Cameron let me know that to understand automatic golf you MUST keep doing the same thing over and over again until your routine becomes automatic. Then and only then can you try to understand the process and play exceptional golf. Don’t give up.
    I could tell you about my 6 cm nearest the pin today or birdy on the hardest ranked hole, as Cam said that is ego. After this I got cocky and full of my own self importance. The lesson I learnt was That I abandoned the very thing that allowed me to play that type of golf in the first place. That was get behind the ball relax and go through the process while getting ready to play golf. I got ahead of myself, thinking about my score and all the other what if’s eneterd my head.
    So it is very important that It may be boring as batshit but to play exceptional golf YOU MUST be consistent in your approach, process and routine. FORGET about score, handicap or any other distraction that may come along.
    It takes a lot of guts to do it however the rewards are awesome.
    I hope this helps anyone wanting to play exceptional golf. The reason being is that is dawned on my that my ego is getting in the way. I have been chasing a number ( low handicap) instead of playing golf the way it was intended.
    Remeber to check you ego into the proshop next time you play.
    Happy Golfing

  • Grayden Provis

    Reply Reply December 22, 2009

    Steady wrote: “I hope this helps anyone wanting to play exceptional golf” It sure did. Thanks very much.

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