An introduction to BioSwing, The Golf Swing of the Future

If you’d like to learn more about golf swing mechanics then please view the video below. This is a short movie giving an introduction to BioSwing. BioSwing was formed after a comprehensive and detailed scientific analysis of the golf swing. The testing comprised of a full body, 3 dimensional, 16 muscle group and ground reaction force protocol. All this simultaneously. The subsequent data was translated into a usable golf instruction manual for all golfers. This is BioSwing…enjoy!

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  • Tommy Gunn

    Reply Reply September 8, 2008

    Greetings from the States here…just ran into your website and Bio seems interesting…

    I know the Graves boys and went to a 3 day with them…Bio seems similiar but don’t know enough about your method it to compare…I don’t like the ball that far away from me with Graves….

    Been playing for 30 years and have made 75 swing changes since…To be honest I am sick and tired of experimenting…I am currently a 12 and has been as low at a 10…

    Could you briefly tell me the differences to your approach than Graves Golf…Since you are in AU, I would be interested in the download version…how does that compute to US $ these days????…

    Look forward to your response….”Tommy Gunn” from Boston

  • Golfman Story

    Reply Reply March 14, 2009

    Very informative video…I like it TQ..


    Golfman Story

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